Settling In

Penny Tarro is 25; Anna Phoenix is 22

February 2027

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The Sum of All Your Choices - Part Two

January 2027

Cherry Centowski is 38; Talin Vijayakar is 30; David Beare is 9; Alana Beare is 14

Previous updates: Beare Family; Cherry appears in Part One here, and also here.

New Possibilities

January 2027

Chris, Aaron and Mari Green are 48; Riley and Joel are 15; Marina and Jody are 8.
Christine is 18; Anna is 14 ; Jessica is one.

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Happy New Year 2027

Not a story update, but a moment to take a breath before jumping into Richmond's new year...

Not Upset at All

December 2026

Autumn Beare is 20; Jay Johnson is 21; David Beare is 9; Jordan Johnson is 65; Alicia Dreamer is 34

Previous updates: Beare Family; Alicia; Autumn's mother appears here and here.

Semester End

Juliana Cooke is 22: Jason Larson is 22; Jamie Centowski and Meadow Thayer are 20; James and Marla Centowski are 62

December 2026 - RCT Semester 1.2

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Moving Home Part 3

April Bertino is 44; Carl Bertino is 43; Danni is 16; Pauline is 15; Conner is 10; Claire is 7.

November 2025

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