Settling In

Penny Tarro is 25; Anna Phoenix is 22

February 2027

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All in all, Penny thought she was settling in well to life  back in the city, she just wished she knew how it had become so expensive to live here. More expensive than she remembered, or maybe it had just become so, in the time that she was away.

It didn't help that she had a room-mate who seemed to change jobs more often than Penny changed her clothes.

Anna had been working in a record store now, having quit her previous job at a fast-food place. Then she got fired from that, and eventually found a job at the convenience store down the street.

They were all just to fill in anyway, she said, what she really wanted was to work in the fashion industry.

Well, even if she couldn't find the job she wanted, at least she saved them a bit of money by sewing her own clothes. Not that it put any money in their bank account in the long run, when Anna was spending periods between jobs with no income at all.

Their bank account was not looking healthy at all.

It had been Penny's suggestion that they get another room-mate. She already had someone in mind - Gilbert worked in the bakery down the street, where Penny often stopped for a coffee on the way to work.

They'd started talking when she complimented the food one day, and discovered a shared love of cooking.

Their friendship had taken off from there, and he'd mentioned to Penny that he hated the tiny loft that he was living in across town.

Anna hadn't been too happy with the idea - she'd have preferred to get a dog.

It was only when Penny suggested that Anna get a dog, and she'd move out with Gilbert, that Anna agreed to let him move in.

It wasn't just because of the money that Penny wanted Gilbert to move in. In fact, if she were to be completely honest, the money was really just a secondary consideration...

... not that she could have kept it a secret if she'd wanted to... not when the apartment only has two bedrooms...

There were other benefits to having a third room-mate, she found. Like having someone else to share the chores.

Cleaning the apartment wasn't one of Penny's strong points or Anna's, and they tended to only do it when things got really dire.

Gilbert and Anna had things in common, too, it turned out. Like their table manners.

Seriously, if her nieces, or even Danny, had eaten like that... !

Danny came down with Candice to visit them one weekend.

Penny was happier than she'd expected to be, when he and Gilbert hit it off well.

Gilbert's mother would drop around from time to time, too. She owned the bakery and lived in a little apartment over it, only a couple of blocks away. Penny had spoken to her many times there, but it was a bit different 'officially' meeting her as her boyfriend's mother. The evening had gone well, though.

Penny was glad things had worked out so well. Even though she'd threatened it, she hadn't wanted to move. She and Anna got on well overall, and they'd gotten to know some of their neighbors in the building.

Anna had friends from college who lived just down the road.

Penny really felt like they belonged to a little community now.

With Anna in work (for now) and Gilbert as well, they had enough for the occasional night out.

All in all, Penny decided, she was settling in great.


I played this household for four sim days, and Anna was either promoted or demoted on three of them! She's in the slacker career, or freelancer as its called in my game, because I think a real slacker wouldn't have a job at all. I've downloaded a fashion designer career and I'll put her in it if it doesn't show up on the computer in the next play session.

Gilbert and Denise are the Jacquets from Bluewater Village - I moved most of the premades out of Bluewater and they ended up running a cafe in the city. Back in her previous update, Penny had been rolling romantic wants, so I had her scope the room every time she went to a community lot. She finally hit the jackpot at the cafe with Candice, where Gilbert was working at the register. 

I let things go wherever they wherever they wanted with the couple... and it went here!

... I double-checked that his aspiration was still romance! Wow... Realistically its a bit early in the relationship to go there in story, and she hasn't rolled the want yet either. Watch this space :)


  1. Those are interesting developments! Don't you just love it when your Sims make their own choices :-)
    It was so nostalgic for me to see Gilbert and Denise Jacquet; they look different in your game, so I only recognized them from their names. In my game, they have both long died (peacefully of old age), and Gilbert's half-Alien daughter Jacqueline Jacquet is an adult woman.

    1. I love hearing about the lives the pre-made sims have in other stories! No aliens around here but I can imagine there might be daughters at least in my Gilbert's future :)

  2. wow I didn't recognise them either until you said they were pre-mades. they sure look different too. Very enjoyable read.

    1. I like to make over the pre-mades, its like part of making them 'mine' in this hood. Sometimes I make them a little too much mine... I forget some of them don't belong exclusively to my game, and am a little surprised to see 'my' sim appear in other people's stories.

  3. I find Romance sims can actually be a bit crazy with the marriage wants and not at all like their commitment-phobe reputation! I've had so many sims like Gilbert, where I've had to say "hey, easy there! You've known this sim for about five minutes!"

  4. Seems like the extra rent and bed warming are worth it :) They are cute together too


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