November 2027

Sharla Ottomas is 48; Dee Ottomas is 34; Rose Green is 37; Cory Green is 51; Melissa Green is 18; Shane is 2

Soundtrack: “Hero” by David Crosby and Phil Collins



October 2027

River McIrish and Christopher Centowski are 12; Sandi French is 4; Fiona McIrish is 35; Allan Waters is  39; Dennis Waters is 16

Back at Home

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October 2027

Jane Centowski is 37; Alex Centowski is 35
Christopher is 12;Kimberly is 10; Janie is 8; Jacob and Kathryn are 7; Orlando is 2
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Out of Season

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September 2027

Juliana Cooke is 22; Jason Larson is 21; Helen Cooke is 61; Julian Cooke is 57; Charlie Cooke is 18

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September 2027

Danni Bertino, Kevin Waters and Charlie Cooke are 18; Joshua Pitts, Lora Toyanaga, Sam Green and Nicky Phoenix are 19; Matthew Langerak is 20; Angel Go and Ivy Pitts are 21