Custom Content Sites

TS3 Essential Mods:

Nraas Industries

Favorite CC Sites - TS2/TS3/TS4

Mod the Sims
Around the Sims 3 (with links to TS2/TS4 sites)
Blacky's Sims Zoo (in German but not too hard to work out)
All About Style
The Sims Resource
SimCredible Designs (TS3/TS4 linked)
My Sims Realty (Lots and Hoods/Worlds for TS2/TS3)
Simple Minded Sims (TS3)

Useful Sites

Carl's Sims 3 Guide
The Sims Wiki
Easy Tutorial on Combining CC Packages
Sims 3 Pose Database
Sims 3 Custom Content List
What to do when your game won't load past a black screen (I've only ever had to do steps 1 and 2)


Richmond/Redwood City is Storybrook County

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