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Happy Holidays, 2026 (Part 1)

December 2026

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Tosha asked as they sat down to dinner.

"I told you, its fine," Angel said. "Vivian's parents have invited her family. You're a part of that, I'm not. And that's fine."

"But we usually have Christmas together."

"We're having Christmas together tonight. Jamie's parents were happy for Meadow to invite me, so its  not like I'm alone. Its worked out well.""



To be continued

...because if I don't split this in half it's going to drive me mad :) 

Also, I have r/l stuff that I need to get done, and I don't want to break my 'at least one update a week' vow - at least, not this soon after resuming the blog!

Posing that family picture seemed like an update in itself! On top of the usual crashes, confusing poseboxes and disobedient sims, my game was hit by a glitch that made some sims' head disappear, or they disappeared entirely, when close to other sims. I'm not to worried about the glitch itself as it appears to be related to something in my Christmas CC folder (which is only in my game when I'm doing Christmas), but as you can imagine it made posing a group picture rather difficult.

The sims most often affected in the picture were AJ Pitts' twin daughters (they are a little awkwardly placed as a result) and Vivian (which is why she and Tosha aren't in a couples pose... although it somehow let me accidently merge their feet together without a problem... go figure!). 

Who's who on the picture:

Back: Vivian Thomason, Tosha Go, Hope KauffmanAna and AJ Pitts, Cameron and Alicia Dreamer, Ivy Pitts, Jamie Green, Becky (Ashley's eldest daughter), Harry and Caroline Kauffman

Melissa got one of Pepper's puppies (named Lulu) because she's been rolling a 'get a puppy or kitten' want consistently for several play sessions. She'd also made several unsuccessful attempts to befriend the family dog, who doesn't seem to like anyone really except Corinne. She's really happy now as she rolled a whole lot of Lulu-related wants that were easy to fulfill.

I like to think that when she was looking out the window at the beginning, she was thinking of last Christmas - a lot has changed in a year, for all of them.

Promise you will find out what's going on at James Centowski's house, soon!


  1. I bet it takes a lot of time to take the xmas pictureof the family. I don't have the time or the expertise to do it. But it is lovely to see though.

    1. Thanks - it did take a long time, but I didn't do it all in one sitting. I did it in a throwaway duplicate of my hood. Every time I teleported someone in, I added them to the household (I have a hack that lets you have as many sims as you want in a household). I saved frequently so that if the game crashed, or if I got sick of it, the sims I'd already posed would be exactly where I left them when I reloaded.

  2. I have never tried to do a big family portrait in a regular play session! You're right that doing that is like an update in itself - it's a big job. It turned out great though, for all your trouble.

    Lovely to see your sims celebrating Christmas! Can't wait to find out what's going on with James. :)

    1. It was kind of fun to let the different sims interact with each other a bit before I posed them - it really did give it a family reunion feel :)

  3. Those photos are amazing and kudos to you for attempting those large family photos. I would have given up

    1. Thannks! See above re saving and returning to it - I think this is what saved me from giving up completely - especially when the sims were literally disappearing when I posed them. I'm glad I stuck with it though.


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