Happy New Year 2027

Not a story update, but a moment to take a breath before jumping into Richmond's new year...

The two 'Happy Holidays' updates served as a kind of summery of 2026 in my hood.

In the first part:

Sophie Green
Emily Green

Serdar Green

In the second part:

Jack Deppiesse
Harrison Thayer Centowski

Danny Tarro and Candice Marsh
Andrew Goss and Tracey Lea

Also Danny and Candice :)

For the new year, I have four ROS rolls:

  • Lose a fitness level (I can totally see that happening to this person!)
  • Go on a family vacation (This family already has one major event happening, its going to be awkward to fit a vacation around it)
  • Family Reunion (I don't think its going to be all their family, but I have some ideas of how I will bring this about).
  • Re-roll Turn-ons and Turn-off (I was worried that this would put one of my favorite couples at risk, but when I checked, they actually don't have that many compatible turn-ons/offs in any case - and they already have two bolts. Depending on how this goes, it could actually strengthen the relationship.

One of the reasons I drifted away from playing, was that the hood was moving so slowly with the way I was blogging it. I'm going to try to move at a sim-month a week and see how that goes. 

I'll actually be playing 2 or 3 households per sim-month in my game, but not all of them will have enough going on to create an individual update. Some updates will feature two households that are linked in some way, while other families will be mentioned in their family or friends' updates. I won't be too strict about it, though - where there really is a lot going on in both households, two updates for that sim-month. 

In other words, I'm going to be quite flexible in how I play and blog, the aim being to tell all the stories, but to tell them in a way that doesn't take forever in r/l time.

Onward to 2027....!

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  1. Sounds like a good plan! Whatever keeps you motivated, I say. :)


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