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I'm putting it here because more people read here.  I just wanted to say a big thank you to anonymous reader for the post on SimSecret!  Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for putting me in such good company as the other stories you mentioned.  Much appreciated, you made my day!

Whatever They Tell You

Jamie Centowski, Meadow Thayer and Angel Go are 18.
Tosha Go is 22; Vivian Thomason is 23; James and Marla Centowski are 61.

July 2025 - RCT Semester 1.2
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It Started this Summer

 Richard and Alan Gold are 20; Anna Phoenix is 21; Ivy Pitts and Julie Beckett are 18.

July 2025 - SSU Semester 1.2

The Only Right Thing - Part 2

Samantha Bradshaw is 25Helen Deppiesse is 34; Leo Deppiesse is 26Serdar Green is 75Rose Green is 35Cory Green is 48

July 2025

Away from it All

Helen Deppiesse is 34; Leo Deppiesse is 26.

June 2025

(No story as such, but we wanted to get away from all the drama at home for a bit anyway... )

The Only Right Thing - Part 1

Rose Green is 38; Samantha Bradshaw is 25

June 2025