Away from it All

Helen Deppiesse is 34; Leo Deppiesse is 26.

June 2025

(No story as such, but we wanted to get away from all the drama at home for a bit anyway... )


Helen and Leo spent their honeymoon here (with small modifications by me).


  1. Wonderful, the pictures are amazing.

  2. Awww, yay! I'm glad Helen and Leo had a nice honeymoon, before they have to head back to all the drama at home. And is that a pregnancy thought bubble I see? ;)

    That lot looks amazing - thanks for the link!

  3. I'm jealous. The honeymoon spot looks amazing, and the couple looks like they're having loads of fun.

    You gotta love the drama free families...don't ya?

  4. Their honeymoon looked great! Loved her climbing the tree, and eating the fruit! Very cool! I'm so glad they had a nice time, and were able to fully enjoy themselves.

  5. Beautiful photos! The limbo and climbing trees shot were my favorite! I had that lot in my game before I restarted my hood, I miss it! Wcif the limbo stick and edible fruit?

  6. That is an amazing honeymoon spot and I love updates with out words. I like seeing what stories ppl can create without words.

  7. What a gorgeous lot! It looks like they had a great honeymoon!

  8. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Apple, thanks... of all the vacation destinations, I use Twikki Island the most because the beach pictures come out great.

    Carla, Helen and Leo definitely have babies on their minds! They both rolled a baby want, pretty much the minute they were married... I'd be a lot happier about that if Helen would pay some more attention to the one she's already got, but we'll see what happens now that they're back home.

    coolkat2, I do love the drama-free families! They're a nice break from the craziness elsewhere!

    maisie, link for the tree and fruit below - they were one of my additions to the lot. I only discovered them a little while ago, and now they're all over Twikki Island because they're such fun...

    Mizzgin03, here's the links for the stuff I added:

    Edible Fruit Trees

    Limbo Stick (and other Castaways stuff)

    ... the trees are there, too, but the ones on the first page have more features added.

    HeredonCove, I like making an update without words sometimes... It's a fun kind of challenge, telling a story without actually saying anything.

    Mandie, it is an impressive lot! There's another one by the same creator that I'm thinking of adding, too, that has huts in the water. That could look really great.


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