The Founding Family

Richmond started out in TS2 as Pleasantview, until I moved in a CAS family who completely took over the story.  Based on a a family I had in TS1, I created them because I was fresh out of that game, and I found the interconnected households and storylines of TS2 Pleasantview confusing and a bit overwhelming, as a new player.

I wanted someone who wasn't related to anyone, to play until I got an idea of the game (yeah, that didn't last long...). I made a 3-generation household, then had the parents try for a baby, so I could play all the age groups.

Most of my current playable sims are descended from this family, or at least connected to them by marriage or friendship.  I'll list them here as a way of explaining who is descended from which branch of the family and where some of the names come from.

James Green had a son, Chris.  Chris married Helen.

Chris and Helen Green had 5 children, Becky, Jamie, Gretchen (a), Ben and Serder (a).

Becky married Ashley Pitts. Children: Ashley and Jami (twins), Helen Cooke, Grace Gold. After Ashley died, Becky remarried to Joe Graham.
Descendants - Pitts, Cooke, Gold, and London families.

Jamie married Sarah.  Children: Luke and Jenna. They divorced and Jamie remarried to Mary Sue Pleasant. Children: Susan.
Descendants - Green and Roseland families

Gretchen married Orlando Centowski. Children: James, Kyle, Douglas (a), Ruth Cadey, April Bertino, Sheila (a) Ruben.  After Gretchen died, Orlando remarried to Nancy McBride.
Descendants - Centowski, Cadey, Bertino, Ruben, Bonaccord, Beare, Kauffmann, Green, Jung families (yeah, there's a lot of them!)

Ben married Marisa. Children: Jamie and Alvin (a). After Marisa died, Ben remarried to Florence Delarosa.
Descendents - Green families

Serder married April Hutchins.  Children: Cory, Chris and Aaron (twins).  Serder remarried to Brandi Broke.  Children: Helen.
Descendents - Green and Deppiesse families

Notes: (a) = adopted.  Names in italics are deceased.

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