London Family - Richmond

Randy London
Age: Adult
Traits: Natural Cook, Handy, Genius, Family-Orientated, Ambitious
LTW: Become World-Renowned Surgeon
Career: Medicine - Gene Therapist
Romantic: Married/Divorced - Jami Pitts; Married - Lyndsay London

Children: With Jami - Ryan; With Lyndsay - Amaya (a), Selina
Other Family: Sister Mari Green

Significant Friends: Ashley Pitts
Asp: Knowledge/Family
Become Chief of Staff (Fulfilled)
Career: Medicine - Chief of Staff

Lyndsay London
(Lyndsay Louie)
Age: Adult
Traits: Good, Family-Orientated, Virtuoso, Frugal, Ambitious
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Career: Business - Department Head
Romantic: Married - Randy London
 From previous relationship - Amaya; With Randy - Selina
Asp: Knowledge/Family
LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Career: Business - Executive Assistant

Selina London
Age: Teen
Traits: Brave, Athletic, Virtuoso, Genius
Education: Private Arts School
Family: Parents Lyndsay and Randy London; Half-siblings Ryan and Amaya London

Asp: Knowledge
LTW: Become world class ballet dancer

Previous Pictures:

2026 - Randy & Lyndsay, their children & grandchildren

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