August 2027

Tosha Go and Vivian Thomason are 25
Angel Go is 21
Jamie Centowski is 21, Meadow Thayer is 20; Harrison Thayer Centowski is 1
James and Marla Centowski are 63

Vivian loved the summer, even here in the city. It might be busy and noisy and lacking in open spaces, but on a sunny Saturday morning she was just as happy as she'd be on the beach in Bluewater Village.

One of the best things about summer weekends was the big outdoor market.

Vivian loved looking for bargains and nik-naks to decorate the apartment.

This year there was even more reason to visit regularly, as Tosha was selling some paintings through a friend who had a stall there.

She was spending alot more time on her art, now that they had finished college, and had even set up a studio of sorts, in a corner of the apartment.

Art wasn't really Vivian's thing. She'd ignored Tosha's warnings against 'bringing her work home', and set up a lab for herself in the spare room.

Scientific research and discovery didn't feel like work to her, and she enjoyed the freedom to work on whatever she wanted, rather than being directed by her boss.

After they finished exploring the market stalls, they hung around a while, just enjoying the sunny day.

Back home, Tosha made them lunch.

She was working hard to improve her cooking, and Vivian praised her even if it was just something quick in the microwave.

They both loved their converted factory apartment.

It was spacious and shabby and wonderfully offbeat. The large windows gave a great view of the city.

Most of their neighbours were also young, and there were long evenings spent at one apartment or another, just hanging out.

Angel had come to stay over the summer, while college was out.

As always, Tosha had tried to talk her into transferring back to RCT and moving back in with them.

It had went about as well as it usually did...

"Do you think she'll ever stop asking me?" she asked Vivian, one afternoon when Tosha was out.

"Probably not," Vivian said, "but you're going to graduate soon so I wouldn't worry too much."

She would graduate soon, as unbelievable as that sounded... although not as soon as her friends Jamie and Meadow.

They'd be starting their final year of college next month. If Angel found that hard to believe, it was nothing next to the fact that their baby was already 18 months old.

Angel knew they'd had trouble adjusting to being parents, Meadow especially, but that also seemed hard to believe.

They both  just seemed so comfortable with Harrison now.

While Angel was in town, Jamie's parents spent more time than usual caring for Harrison, so that Jamie and Meadow could spend time with her. Angel was grateful to them for that, as she knew how busy they were.

As one of the city's top lawyers, James always seemed to need to be in three places at once.

Marla was on the move a lot lately, too - she'd retired as City Planner to help care for Harrison, but while college was out she'd started doing some small interior design jobs around the city.

They both knew that Jamie and Meadow had worked hard to balance school and parenting, and it seemed only right to give them a break from both things, while they could.

Spending the morning together in the city, Angel and Meadow felt almost like they were back in high school.

"We'd better hurry if we're going to get to the studio tour in time," Meadow said.
"Where's Jamie?", Angel asked. "He has the tickets."

"He's meeting us there".

Or, at least, he was supposed to meet them there.

"Two minutes..." Angel said.

"Here he comes!"

"What, were you worried?" Jamie asked.

After the tour, they went for pizza...

... and whatever else they could find to do...

All too soon, they'd be back to classes and study.

Until then, they'd enjoy as much of the summertime as they could.


Basically just reintroducing some more of my sims in their TS3 forms. This took a long time for a  simple gameplay update, but that was because I played one of my groups of college kids. Bad news = the travel home bug hit again. Good news = I think I have worked out the cause and solved it! I won't know for sure until I play another group of students. Overall I'm enjoying TS3 college, but the 7 day semesters... ! 

I'm so used to jumping around my households in 3 sim-day sessions, 7 days seems like forever... *sigh*. Anyway, I've also been working out how college will fit in my playing/blogging schedule... I'm spreading out the college sessions across the sim-year. Hopefully that way, I'll keep enjoying it instead of getting bored.

Also, the market is a consignment store, and Tosha's paintings were the first thing I've sold in this way... enjoyed waiting to see how much money we made, more fun than just selling them through the inventory.


  1. Nice to see these guys again!

    7 days can be really long! I feel like the time scale is different in TS3 too - longer, somehow? Is there any reason you have to play for 7 days, if that's too long for you? Is there a mod to shorten the semesters?

    1. It's set at seven days and going back to the base hood means dropping the sims out of college. Even with a Nraas base hood college (which I haven't quite figured out yet) its still seven days. My plan now is to make a throwaway save and experiment with a base hood college, see if the days have to be played consecutively/ if the days still count down when I'm playing non-college sims. There's already a college in my base hood so it would be ideal if that allows some more flexibility.


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