On Track

July 2027

Alicia and Cameron Dreamer are 35; Lucas is 6; Nathan is 2
Ashley Pitts is 69; Allyn Pitts is 64

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It had taken the better part of two years, but Alicia finally felt that her business was back on track after Nathan was born.

She'd closed the salon during the later part of her pregnancy, and redecorated it before opening. But it took longer than she had expected and she'd lost a lot of customers in the process.

They were busy again now, and she was relieved. She and Cameron needed the money.  Her father had been generous in letting them rent his house at lower than market rates, but Cameron had been out of work for some time, after he left the police force.

He found a new job after a few weeks, but Alicia hadn't been happy when he told her he was becoming a firefighter.

"I thought you left the police force because it was too dangerous. This is dangerous too!"

"Not as much as you think," Cameron said. "We have training and we work as a team. Most of the fires are just small."

"The ones I see on the news aren't small."

"That's because they only show the big ones on the news. Trust me, I'll be fine."

So Cameron went to work as a firefighter.

Every day he came home with stories about small fires...

... and every day Alicia worried a little less.

As well as hairdressing, the salon now offered makeup and wardrobe advice.

Her first customers for the new services had been mostly family...

Like her rich brother-in-law, who planning to run for local office and wanted a new look for his move into politics...

... or her stepmother, who'd decided she preferred to go back to short hair.

She and Alicia's dad were enjoying their new apartment in the city, especially as they both only worked part-time now.

It was easy and convenient for an evening out,

...or to explore the weekend markets.

While they no longer lived close to Alicia, it was a lot easier now for them to visit Allyn's daughter Vivian...

... and Alicia's twin brother AJ and his family.

They enjoyed the chance to spend time with the five year old twins, and AJ and Ana were happy to be able to go out without having to worry about finding a sitter.


One of the advantages of firefighting was that Cameron worked shifts.  Alicia could now afford to promote one of her staff to manager a couple of days a week, and between them Alicia and Cameron had arranged things over the summer so that one of them was always home for the kids.

Alicia was glad for the extra time with them. They were growing so fast.

Nathan was two now...

...trying to do everything for himself...

.... whether he was able to or not.

Lucas was five.

He loved school so much, he even wanted to do homework in the summer...

... but not too much!

It was a constant challenge to keep them both occupied.

They had all been looking forward to summer in the house, and they made the most of the pool. 

Of course, there was still the problem of supervising Nathan.

It was a lot easier when both parents were home.

It was usually too late to swim, when Cameron got home from work. Sometimes, after they'd eaten, they'd take the boys to the park instead.

It was usually turning dark by the time they got home, but that meant that the boys were tired, and ready for bed.

The boys were still sharing a room, until they finished painting the other bedroom.

Finally Cameron and Alicia had some time alone together at the end of the day


Not the storytelling-heavy update I mentioned, I'm still working on that. But I had room for one more update before that, and I decided to finish this one first to get things going again around here.

This update is a bit of a victory, in that it takes place largely in the TS3 version of the house that Ben and Serdar and their siblings grew up in, as did Ashley and his siblings, and his children - it really wouldn't be Richmond without this house. 

The TS2 one was the Maxis Cape Cod Classic, renovated a bit over the years. I couldn't find a TS3 version of the same house, but I found one that was similar enough. A bit of building and redecorating later, I'm happy with the way it turned out. But I really haven't finished decorating all the bedrooms :)

One of the reasons these updates take so long is that I keep having to stop to redecorate things as I go... or fix up sims' horrible taste in clothing...

... or even more horrible glitches in CC I've not used before...

... it's going to be so much easier when I've played everyone at least once, fixed everything that needs fixing, and things are more normal around here! :)

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  1. One thing about TS3 is that it's a lot easier to fix non-playables' clothing and genetics than in TS2! So you have that, at least!

    I love Alicia's salon and the market looks amazing too. It looks like your sims already have some great places to visit, even though your hood is still growing.


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