Extra - Graduation Day

May 2027

Congratulations to Alan Gold on his graduation from SSU.

Alan now has a degree in communications, his GPA earning him a B+.

His family attended his graduation ceremony, including his brothers Lewis and Richard, who are also college students.

Richard should have also been graduating today, but he's a semester behind his twin, after he basically wasted a semester arguing with Alan's fiancee Julie.

Alan has moved to Redwood City, where he will seek work as a journalist. He and Julie have rented an apartment together.

She is a medical student, and would have had to eventually transfer to Richmond City Tech to complete her degree regardless, as there is no hospital near SSU. It made sense for her to move with Alan, especially as they have set a date for their wedding, next spring.


This was supposed to be a full college update, but I ran into problems. I sent Alan off to the TS3 university, accompanied by Jason and Juliana, and Anna Phoenix. They'd all graduated already in TS2, but I didn't want to play one sim alone at college and I figured they could do with the benefits of a 'real' degree too. I played the 7-day semester, and everything went fine until I graduated them and sent them home.

Back Richmond, I found I couldn't move anyone from any household between houses, or split households - the move-outs would go to the clipboard ok, but they'd stay there when I placed them in another house, and I couldn't load the house I placed them in. I spent a lot of time on Google, but could find no mention of the same problem anywhere else.

Fortunately I keep multiple backups, and I confirmed the backup I made before they left for college works fine. That also confirmed that the problem wasn't caused by CC. I wondered if something happened when they moved back, so I went to my oldest at-college backup, and replayed the last 2 sim-days of college. Back home, same problem.

Ok, so college worked fine when I played Vivian and Tosha, but it doesn't now. Maybe I broke something earlier in Alan etc's semester. So I loaded the pre-college backup, sent them back, played the entire 7-day semester again. Graduated them, sent them home... and the problem was still there.

I've decided I'm not going to even try to sort it out now. It might be that the problem is with these particular sims and no one else, but testing that takes an entire 7 sim days of play. For now, I've used cheats/mods to give Alan his degree and other benefits he'd earned at college and as far as I'm concerned, he's graduated. I'll probably play college again around the end of the sim-year, as I have a few teens starting this year - Thomas Beare, Charlie Cook, Dani Bertino and her boyfriend. Once again, I'll make lots of backups and see what happens.

For now, I'm over college for a while! I'm going to finish playing the next household on my play schedule and hopefully have a 'real' update later this week


  1. Whenever I have been playing TS3, I have mostly been focusing on the travelling adventures and opportunities - I have not yet played any Sim at college. Sounds like I better not try!

    1. To be fair, it did work ok the first couple of times I tried. I'm just going to take lots of screenshots for my update next time, and take note of the progress they make, so if I do have to lose the play time, I at least gained something from it. But hopefully it's just something with those particular sims.

  2. Argh, TS3 uni was so glitchy when I tried to play it. It's a shame, because they added some cool things I'd like to see in TS2 uni. I don't blame you for taking a break from it for a while!

    1. It is a shame because I really disliked it at first, but during the first play-though with Alan etc I started to enjoy it. Now I really want it to work! Fingers crossed for next time, anyway :)


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