Love Day

Leo Deppiesse is 29; Helen Deppiesse is 37; Lizzie Bonaccord is 2; Jack Deppiesse is 1. Previous update here.

Roman Bonaccord is 32; Dee Ottomas is 34; Dayle Ottomas and Harry Reamon are 13; Daniel Bonaccord is 3mths. Previous update here.

Remus and Kyla Bonaccord are 35; Krysti and Cole Bonaccord are 7; Brandon Bonaccord is 6, Liam Bonaccord is 2. Previous update here.

April 2027

(Lots of pictures but please indulge me as I discover all the new things in this game... :)  )

"50% off tofu," Roman read. "Do we need any tofu?"

"I don't think so," said Dee. "Anything else exciting happening in the world?"

"Well, there's Love Day"
"What on earth is Love Day?".
"The new spring festival at the park. There's going to be music and food and games and an egg hunt and - "

"And they're calling it 'Love Day'?"
"Yeah. Wanna come?"

"What do you think?" Dee asked Dayle. "You want to come to Love Day on Saturday?"

"Sounds great!" she said. "I'll call Harry right now ask him to come."

"I didn't say - "
"Just let her," Roman said.

"They're spending far too much time together,"
"They're just kids."
"Maybe, you saw her when they went to the school dance. She didn't look like a kid then."

"Her dress was fine, you said so yourself. There was nothing wrong with the way she looked."

"Not her dress, her hair. She looked about 20 with her hair like that."
"Didn't you like looking older when you were her age?"

"Yeah," Dee said, "but that wasn't necessarily a good thing."

"You're getting all wound up again, Roman said. "You've been all stressed ever since Daniel was born. You need to relax a bit."

That was true, she thought. As much as she loved having a baby again, she'd forgotten about all the wakeful nights and the constants demands a newborn makes.

It wasn't that Roman didn't do his share...

... he was a great father, just like she'd always known he'd be, ever since his daughter Lizzie had been born.

She'd had plenty of time out for herself, and she'd started going to the gym again, trying to get back into shape after the pregnancy.

It was a lot harder than she remembered, but then she'd been a lot younger when Dayle was born. At least she wasn't the only person having trouble in the gym.

It turned out that the woman was also trying to lose 'baby fat', somewhat belatedly though, since the baby had been born two years ago.

But it was her sixth baby! Dee had come from a big family, but she really didn't think that people had that many kids anymore.

"We decided to just forget about birth control and see what happened," the woman said.
Dee made a mental note to double-check her birth control. Two children were quite enough for her.

"So, are we going...?" Roman asked.
"Going to what?" Dee asked.
"Going to Love Day," Roman said. "Remember, we were talking about Love Day?"

"Oh, yeah... why not?" she said. "It might be fun."

"Seriously? They're calling it Love Day?"

"Apparently so," Helen said. "I checked in the paper after Roman called."

"You know," Leo said, "he could just take Lizzie and we could have a love day of our own..."

Helen grinned. Aside from their honeymoon, she and Leo had little time to just be together as a couple.

She'd already been pregnant with Lizzie when they met, and Jack was born less than a year after their wedding.

The children were growing faster than Helen had expected. Lizzie was walking and talking, and she'd start preschool in another year.

Jack had to be watched constantly as he was into everything.

But Leo and Helen still managed to find more time for each other now than they ever had.

Part of the reason was that Leo was working less, now that the shop was up and running successfully.

Helen's father's investment in their future was paying off, and the shop was doing well.

Helen's mother was more than happy to stay with the children, when the couple wanted an evening out.

It was easier for her now, with both kids going to bed early and usually sleeping through the night.

 She often slept over in their spare room, so that they wouldn't have to rush home.

They'd invited her to move in with them permanantly, but she'd said she was happy at the retirement home.

They hadn't been surprised, really - most of her children had made the same offer, after Helen's father died, and Brandi had turned them all down. In any case, she'd said, it wouldn't be a spare room for long, as the kids would eventually need seperate bedrooms.

That was true, and it was one of the reason they'd bought a three bedroomed house.

Helen was finally feeling settled in the house, and even the old-fashioned kitchen she'd initially hated felt like home now.

'Love Day'. Well, if that included loving your whole family, then she could go for that.


"Love Day? What's that, some kind of hippy party?"

"It's the new spring festival at the park," Roman said. "You guys should bring the kids."
"I'll think about it, ok? I've got to go, Kyla will be home any minute"

Love Day?! Remus wasn't so sure about bringing the kids to something called 'Love Day', especially when it was Roman inviting them

"It's fine," Kyla told him when he mentioned it that evening. "They're calling it a family event. It'll be good to get the kids out of the house for a while."

Well, that was true. All winter, the house had been full of children...

...their own...

...and other people's.

There didn't seem to be a single day when one of their kids didn't bring at least one of their cousins or friends home from school with them.

Remus was working from home part of the time, but even when he tried to shut himself away in his office, he seemed to get little done with all the noise and activity in the rest of the house.

On top of that, Roman was a regular visitor...

...enjoying his new role as stay-at-home father. Which, of course, meant another child in the house.

Kyla glad the winter was over, too. She'd missed taking Liam for daily strolls around the neighbourhood.

He was at the age when he was curious and excited by everything, and it was fun seeing the world through a child's eyes.

Kyla wondered what he'd make of his first Love Day....


Dayle was on the phone again to Harry, the minute they arrived at the park, just because he wasn't there waiting for them.

He wasn't far away, though...


Really, EA, the best you could do was 'Love Day'?! :)

This update was delayed by a slight... well... technical glitch. As you may notice from the earlier pictures of Helen, I managed to dress both her and Kyla in the same clothes... and they even have the same hairstyle... *facepalm*. 

In my defense, I will say that I played the two houses several days apart. Anyway, I had to go back, change Helen's clothes, and get some new pictures, and I didn't have time for that until this morning.

Actually, this whole update is the result of a glitch. I had already set my season lengths, but thanks to all the extra days spent setting up my households, it was going to turn to summer before I'd played everyone I needed to play in spring on my rotation. So I increased the length of the season, but I did it after the festival had started. Result = it was Love Day every day until the end of spring. So a whole bunch of people got to go to the festival.

Baby Daniel is my first baby born in Richmond TS3, and I completely missed the event.

Dee was almost due but still pregnant in TS2. That worked well as I needed a pregnant sim to see how pregnancy worked with aging etc, while I was determining now time would work in this game. I had Dee and Roman try for baby, and they were immediately successful. I went to play another house at some point, as I wanted to see what happened with the pregnant sim inactive as well as active.

Nraas story progression has been giving me notices about people late for work and kids skipping school, so you'd expect it to tell me about something as big as a birth, right? Wrong - it seemed like too much time had passed so I went back to Dee's house, and they already had a baby boy named Daniel. I like that my sims lives go on when I'm not playing their houses in this game, but I'm going to have to learn to pay more attention!


  1. I love seeing how you adapt TS2 to TS3

    1. Thanks... it's been mostly fun, occasionally very frustrating, and a nice new challenge, trying to recreate my hood in a way that is as true as possible to the original.

  2. Because it makes me laugh, I always assumed "Love Day" was a Simpsons reference. On The Simpsons, Love Day was a holiday made up by a department store with the sole purpose of boosting sales during the summer. I've been cracking up every time I see this title, because I keep thinking of that episode!

    Anyway, I haven't done a whole lot with the festivals in TS3, so I didn't mind seeing lots of pics (actually, I never mind, LOL).

    Missing a baby's birth would drive me nuts but my sims' lives going on without me is something I really struggle with in TS3! One thing that might prevent you missing births in the future is if you go into Story Progression and force the mod to prompt you to name the baby whenever one is born. That's always one of the first options I turn on, mainly because I like to name my own sims. But knowing that you'll definitely get a notification when a baby is born is an advantage too.

    1. The Simpsons reference makes sense! I've done a lot with at least one festival now, thanks to my sims having it 5 days in a row.

      I quite like my sims' lives going on when I'm not playing them, although I don't know if I would have liked it with just the vanilla game - I like that the Nraas Story Progression allows me to control what individual sims can or can't do. They have free will, but not too much of it, lol.

      I didn't know that you can force naming the baby, but that would be useful as you say (I wasn't too worried about not naming it myself as I know I can use the mod to rename it if I really hated what the game picked). Thanks for thinking of it.

  3. I find using story progression in TS3 annoying. lol Mainly because I don't want to miss out on my sims milestones so I have it turned off and but leave free will on low and then age up my sims when their birthday comes around in my story. I'm a little bit of a control freak, lol!

    Looks like they all had an enjoyable time on Love Day! I absolutely love the festivals in TS3, I find them to be so much fun. :D

    Little Lizzie and Jack are adorable too btw!

    1. I seem to be the only person who likes Story Progression, Lol. Even in TS2 I liked my sims having a lot of free will, and some great story ideas have come out of that. I use the Nraas version because I can really customise what each household, or even each sim, can or can't do. I prefer they at least notify me of things like this, though!

      The festivals do look like a lot of fun. I can only vaguely remember them from my other long-ago TS3 game, so I'm looking forward to playing through the seasons.


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