The Adventurous Type

Florence Green is 59; Ben Green is 76, Whitney is 10.

March 2027

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Twice in two years.

Florence had never been the adventurous type, preferring to live out her life quietly in Bluewater Village like she always had. She hadn't expected things to change much after she married Ben, the only real difference would be that she had a husband to share it with.

But now here she was, in a completely different country, for the second time in two years.

Last time, it had been their honeymoon, a momenteous and wonderful occasion marred only by the realization that, now that she had a husband, the one thing that would make her life truly complete was a child to raise together.

This time, the reason for being here was equally momentous. She should have known what Whitney would want, the girl had been fascinated by their honeymoon pictures.

Of course, Ben could have said no, and in fact Florence had urged him to. But he'd insisted on giving the girl what she wanted.

"I can afford it," he said. "She should get to choose anything she wants. Its her adoption we're celebrating."

And so here Florence was again, in Takemizu Village, this time with her husband and their daughter.

Any lingering doubts Florence had over taking two international vacations in two years had quickly faded when she saw the look of amazement on Whitney's face as they walked up to the hotel.

Florence had to admit that she was pretty amazed by it all, too.

They'd booked into the same hotel they'd stayed in for their honeymoon. It had seemed like a good idea, but they had the first hint that it might not be, as soon as they walked into their room.

Well, they might all be sleeping in the same room, but it wasn't like they wouldn't have some private time. The hotel had supervised activities for children...

... and Whitney was also very good at entertaining herself.

... not that she had to do so for all that long...

... not when the point of the trip was to spend time together.

Unfortunately Whitney had a lot more energy than they did, and by evening the togetherness was getting just a little bit too much...

The other problem with the hotel, was that the only dining table in the room was on an outdoor balcony.

They hadn't even thought about it on their honeymoon, eating most of their meals in the hotel restaurant. This time, however, they found the restaurant wasn't always a good idea this time, when Whitney was either over excited, or over tired, or both.

Room service and an outdoor balcony is all very well... until it rains.


They moved to another hotel after a couple of days.

This one was better suited to families, with a little dining table in the room...

... and seperate bedrooms so that they could have all the private space they wanted...

... and so could Whitney.

Fortunately, she always ran out of energy before too long...

The rest of the holiday passed in an enjoyable rush, as they tried to fit as much as possible into the remaining days...


"This is great," Florence said, as she relaxed back in the hot pool. "I'm glad we fit so much into the trip, but I'm exhausted"

"You know, we didn't have to rush around like that," Ben said. "We could have just saved some of it for when we come back next time."

"Next time?" said Florence. "We've been here twice in two years, and you're talking about next time??"
"Well, why not?" said Ben. "We have the money, and the freedom now we're not working. We might as well make the most of it."

"But... to spend that much money to go to a place you've already been to twice... "
"Ok then, next time we'll go somewhere different."
"You're serious about a next time, aren't you?"

"Of course," Ben said. "There's a whole world out there and I want to show you it. And Whitney, too. I think our daughter deserves to see a bit of the world, don't you?"

"I do," said Whitney, from behind a rock. They hadn't realized she was close enough to hear the conversation.

"Well, that settles it then," laughed Ben. "Next time, how about France? Or Egypt even?"
"You're crazy," said Florence. "and I love you."
"Is that yes?" Whitney asked.
"I think it's yes," Ben answered, pulling Florence closer to him.

Florence just shook her head in disbelief. It looked like the quiet life was going to have to wait for a while. At least until these two satisfied their desire for adventure.

She had to admit, she was looking forward to a bit of adventure herself.


And so ends my final TS2 Richmond update. 

I put it together from the pictures I had taken for a slightly different version of this story, before my old computer died. It was Whitney who had the vacation want, so I made the trip a celebration of her adoption - Ben and Florence are now officially her parents. 

They really did have to move hotels, with Whitney bouncing around on the bed all night and their meals getting rained out. And I couldn't resist putting in a reference to the new vacation destinations we have to explore in TS3.

I'm so glad it ended with Ben. He was my first ever born-in-game TS2 sim, so it's really fitting, and I'm also happy that someone from that first household is still around to come with us into our new world. 

Here's the family in TS3.

I changed Ben a little more after this picture, but this is basically how they look. Also, my first ever posed TS3 picture... which is why they look a little awkward, I haven't quite got the idea of this yet. Also, I need to learn how to get them to smile properly and look at me!


  1. This is exciting - I can't wait to read this family's adventures in France, or Egypt!

    1. Thanks. They are the idea people to explore the new destinations - both retired, and Ben has plenty of money.

  2. Ha, yes, nice little hint to more possible adventures for this family in TS3! They seem like the types who would really enjoy Egypt. Their TS3 versions look really close to the TS2 - Florence is especially spot on, I think.

    And hey, I didn't know kids could roll vacation wants! I'll have to watch out for that. I'm glad Whitney is officially adopted now though.

    1. Thanks... I'm glad you think they look like their TS2 versions, particularly Florence. It feels somehow more important to get the Maxis premade sims as close as possible as they're so well known.


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