Moving Home Part 2


Andrew Goss is 26;  Tracy Lea is 21; Tania is 2
Samantha Bradshaw is 27; Cory Green is 49

October 2026
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There was a thing loving couples often say, Andrew knew, about feeling like they'd been together their whole lives.

Andrew didn't feel like he'd been with Tracey his whole life. Quite the opposite, he was acutely aware of how little time had passed since they met.

Not that they hadn't made the most of that time. Andrew spent all his spare time out at Bluewater Village these days, with her and her daughter Tania.

He'd had spent as much time getting to know Tania as he had Tracwy. Kids were an unknown to him. He'd spent time with Leo and Helen's children, but somehow that wasn't the same. If Leo and Helen's kids didn't like him, well, it didn't really matter too much. But if Tania didn't like him...

Fortunately, Tania did like him. And he liked her, too.

They were at a point now where Andrew could spend time exclusively with the little girl, freeing Tracey up to study...

 or just have some time to herself for a change.

It wasn't all fun and games, and sometimes he really wondered what he was getting himself into..

...but then she'd look at him with that cute little smile, and that made it all worthwhile.

She also liked Hartman, although Andrew wasn't so sure that the affection was mutual there.

Fortunately Hartmann was an easy-going dog, and Tracey pacified him with his own bed in a corner of the kitchen where he could get away from the little girl.

On the weekend, they worked on the garden.

Tracey didn't trust him with her vegetable patch yet, but Leo would have been proud of the way he took care of the weeds out the front of the house.

He told Leo that, that evening when he and Helen came out to have dinner with them.

Tonight was a celebration. Andrew had sorted out things with his job a lot easier than he'd expected, and it was just a matter of giving notice to his landlord,
packing up his few possessions. They'd wait until spring for the wedding, but they saw no reason to wait that long before they started living as a family.

Maybe he didn't feel like he'd known Tracey all his life, maybe that was something that came with time. Andrew hoped that they'd have the rest of their lives to find out.

"What are you doing here?!"

"That's not much of a welcome," Cory said. "Are you going to let me in?"

"Oh.. sure, of course," Samantha said, stepping aside to let him into her apartment. "But you shouldn't be here. It's bad enough that we're going to be working together from next week - "

"Samantha, just... stop. It's ok. I already told you that. This is going to be ok."

"You don't know that! You should have let me quit like I wanted... Andrew could still have had my job in the Bluewater shop, and Kyle could have just hired someone new here, instead of expecting me to go back to work with you like nothing ever happened."

"I'm not going to chase you out of a good job just because - "
"It wouldn't be you chasing me out."
"Alright, I'm not going to let my wife chase you out of a good job..."

"Cory - "

He wandered over to the window. "I'll deal with Rose. It'll be ok."

"And if it isn't?"

He turned back to face her "If it isn't, then I'm telling you exactly what I told you last time. Whatever happens between Rose and me, it isn't your fault." He smiled. "Now, come on! You've got a new apartment, you've got your old job back.. you should be celebrating! This is a new start. Enjoy it!"

He let her go suddenly. "You're right," he said. "I shouldn't be here." He turned and hurried out the door.
"Cory - "

"I'll see you at work on Monday," he called back to her, then he was gone.


Family sim Andrew was ready to get engaged to Tracey after their first date! He's just loving spending time with Tania, too... a lot of the pictures here happened autonomously. They both rolled marriage wants immediately after getting engaged, so I'm actually slowing them down here :) They make a cute couple, though, and I'm happy for them.

Andrew's move to Bluewater gave me the perfect chance to get Samantha back to Richmond where I want her... I've known for a while how the Happy Ending storyline with Rose and Cory (and Melissa) would eventually conclude, I just wasn't sure how it would happen. Now its falling into place. 


  1. Andrew and Tracey are so sweet. I'm happy things are going well for them!

    Also, it's going to be interesting to see what happens now Samantha is back in the hood. I'm glad you could continue the Samantha Project, seeing I think most of us kind of dropped out of it back there!

    1. They are sweet, its nice to have some totally happy couples in my hood somewhere!

      I'm glad to have Samantha here again, she's really added (and is still adding!) a lot to my story. You'll see more of her in a couple of updates soon.

  2. Ahh Samantha.... I don't usually want things like this... but I do wish Cory would be with her. Rose is just no fun. :p But I could also be happy if Cory and Rose found a way to actually be happy together too.

    Andrew is adorable with Tracey and little Tania, how nice that he wanted to marry her right after their first date. They make a cute family unit, I hope their relationship keeps going well.

    1. Cory and Samantha... I guess nothing is impossible, especially if Samantha sticks around here (see below...). I've got an idea of where this is going, but as always, my sims are welcome to stir things up if they want :) In game, Cory's only rolled romantic wants for Rose, since they started living together again, but Rose rarely rolls wants for him.

  3. I thought you had stopped writing, but then I found this. Yay! I am so happy that you're continuing Samantha's story! In fact, if nobody else wants their turn anymore, I hope that you'll keep her and give her the life she never got to have elsewhere. (Of course, unless keeping her doesn't play into your idea for how the story concludes, lol!) I am eager to see how things pan out with Cory now that she's back.

    Andrew and Tracey are adorable. What a sweet little family.

    1. I am indeed still writing, although slowly... partly because we just had summer here with longer days and less time indoors at the computer, and partly because I accidentaly broke my own hood. I was able to recover most of it from a backup, but I'm still making repairs here and there (including some major ones for the next update... I'm going to write a behind-the-scenes post on it because it involved some major confusion and some major facepalming when I realised what was wrong :) ).

      I'd be more than happy to keep Samantha here if no one else has plans for her anywhere else. I haven't got a story for her after the next few updates, but I'm not specifically planning for her to leave, either. She's more than welcome to stick around and see where life here takes her.


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