Of computers, cat cages, and the missing Sims disk

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So, this was the weekend of the big computer reformat.
My laptop is about 4 years old. Its good for its age, and generally adequate for what I use it for. However, after 4 years of installing and removing programs, fixing random errors, and all the other stuff that happens with a computer, it was overcrowded, sluggish, and giving errors. The big one that happened recently was that blogger only gave me a white box when I tried to upload pictures. This happened in four different browsers so the problem was definitely with the computer.
I was trying to fix it before I finished my latest update, although I could have used windows live writer to get the pictures in it if I had to. But then I discovered that other things were empty boxes,like the chat window when I watched a livestream. Blank. Gah!
I ran Malwarebytes, and it removed about 14 ‘objects’ Yay, awesome… except that after that, I couldn’t connect to the internet at all. That was where I gave up completely, backed up all my stuff onto my removable drive (which took 6 hours… I have a lot of stuff!), then backed up my Sims hood and cc a second time (only the Sims stuff, nothing else got two copies… because, priorities!) then deleted everything and set the computer to ‘factory reset’ as if fresh from the store.
It’s running beautifully now, it really does feel like a new one. I’ve spent the day reinstalling all my software… except for Sims 2. I can’t find my basegame disk.
As its the base game that’s missing, I suspect that I loaned it to someone who wanted to try out the game, although all the likely suspects say they don’t have it. It could be a case of what my friend Diana and I call The Cat Cage Scenario. A while ago, I had to take a cat to the vet and couldn’t find my cage. I borrowed one from the vet and she suggested I ask around my cat-owning friends as one of them probably has mine. I thought that was a silly suggestion as I’d remember if I’d loaned it to someone. Diana agreed with this when I mentioned it to her.
A couple of weeks later, a sheepish Diana came to my door - with the missing cage. She’d completely forgotten borrowing it, until she saw it in her garage. I only remembered loaning it when she reminded me of the circumstances.
I imagine that’s what’s happened to my disk, especially if the person I loaned it to decided they didn’t want it. I found another one on the local version of ebay, but it’ll be a few days before it gets here. In the meantime, I’ll finish writing this update, so I only have to add the pictures. Its a complicated one - mostly storytelling, three linked stories that aren’t big enough in themselves for a single update, and several locations (including one that wasn’t usable without a lot of redecorating). Its about 2/3 done, so I should have it on the blog fairly soon after I get my game back.


  1. I wish any of my friends would have wanted to try out The Sims! Nobody in my circle of friends or family has ever showed interest in the game. They all think I simply never grew up and still play with dolls houses, only that now the dolls and houses are in the computer :-)
    Congratulations on having fixed your laptop. I have been continually making backups for New Maximiliania (and of course for other stuff) but hope I won't need them anytime soon.
    Looking forward to your update!

  2. Ouch. I understand forgetting where stuff is. In March 2012 my desktop finally gave up the ghost. I took it to Best Buy to see if the Geek Squad could save my game. They couldn't, so I told them they could dispose of my CPU and got to reinstalling. It wasn't till I got to M&G that I remembered that I left it in the computer when I took it to Best Buy. So it's no big deal currently, but I would eventually like to get that stuff pack again.
    My sister actually used to play a version of TS2 up to Seasons, and it took me forever to get my disk back after my crash so I could reinstall. She can have it back now, but she hasn't asked, so I assume her obsession wasn't as strong as mine, LOL.


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