Andrew Goss is 26 ; Leo Deppiesse is 28

May 2026

It was late when Andrew arrived home, not that he minded. He didn't have a lot to do this evening, so he didn't mind staying a little later to do some chores around the shop.

 He stopped to greet Hartman on his way in, then turned on his computer.

He hadn't told anyone about the dating website. It seemed kind of silly, even to Andrew himself.  As far as anyone knew, he was perfectly happy being single, living with just his dog. And, yeah,  Hartman was great company, but he did need other types of company, too.

So far, the results had been less than spectacular. The website promised to hand-pick dates with compatible women, but 'compatible' wasn't the word he would have used for his most recent date...

... and the one before that had gotten on with him almost too well, judging by the speed she wanted to advance things at...

It wasn't that Andrew didn't enjoy the physical side of a relationship, but he wanted to say a little more than just 'Hi' to the woman before they moved onto that conversation.

There had to be someone out there, he figured... but if there was, they weren't online tonight.  He shut down the computer and made himself dinner.

Well, nobody promised it would happen overnight... hell, there had to be someone out there, right? Someone who wasn't going to pick arguments on their first date, or think that sex was a good topic for small talk with strangers.  There had to be - it was just a matter finding them.


On the weekend, he finally had the chance to catch up with Leo.

He hadn't seen a lot of his friend lately, although that was understandable, when Leo had a new business and a new baby to contend with.

It was probably a good thing he hadn't told Leo about the dating agency. Leo had already made it his mission to see Andrew in a relationship again, and letting him know how much he actually wanted a relationship himself could only make it worse.

 "This is the perfect place to meet someone you've got something in common with," Leo said. "I mean, I woman's got to like sports to be here, right?"
"I guess," said Andrew.
"So then go for it," Leo said.

"What, you mean just walk up to someone and ask them out?"
"Sure. That's what you did with Samantha, isn't it?"
"Well, yeah, but look how well that went..."
Leo sighed. "Just look around," he said. "Is there anyone here who interest you?"

"Well... maybe that woman sitting over there... "
"Perfect. She's there on her own... "
"... probably watching her boyfriend... "
"... or her brother! Go on, there's only one way to find out. I'll just shoot a few more hoops... "

"... I'm sure you'll find plenty to talk about."

As much as Andrew had been glad to catch up with Leo, it was a relief to be home again. And even more of a relief to be out of the embarrassing conversation with the woman at the basketball courts.  With a sigh, he flopped down on the couch.

He was supposed to be meeting someone else from the dating agency tonight, but the way he felt right now...

He looked at the clock. Probably too late to cancel. The girl - Tracy - seemed nice enough from their online chats...

... and their brief phone conversation.

But then, so had the others.

With a sigh, he got up to get ready. They were meeting at a restaurant in the city in a couple of hours....



Awww... poor Andrew, his wants were all like this for our whole play session! And, as you can see, it took a while to find someone to fulfill them.

I took him to a couple of community lots and had him scope the room, and... well... you can see how well that went, at the basketball court. She liked dirty jokes, too. Shy Andrew hates them.

With all the romantic wants, and a lack of other options, we turned to the Find-a-Mate Crystal Ball. I figured the closest realistic equivalent you could get would be a dating site, with the promise of introducing you to compatible strangers. But like Andrew said, the 'compatible' part isn't working the way you'd expect. Finally, after several failed meetings, we found Tracy, and things moved very quickly from there...

I love the fact that she wants to talk sports (his oth) when no one else at the sports park did! :)  You'll see more on her later... she hasn't appeared in the story here, but she's playable and has her own backstory to tell.

Through all this, Andrew did have one other admirer but, well, that was just awkward!


  1. Aww, so sweet. She seems familiar in a way, can't wait to see more of her.

    1. She's not been on the blog before, unless she happened to be on a community lot somewhere. I originally downloaded her (can't remember where from), so you may have seen a version of her elsewhere. She'll be a regular part of the story from now on.

  2. Family sims start to get kind of insane if they don't have a partner! It's kind of sweet - you know they want nothing more than to settle down with somebody, so I have lots of sympathy for Andrew. I hope things work out with Tracy. I didn't realise she was playable - that's always nice too, when you can match playables up with other playables.

    1. I like it when my playables pair up, too, especially when the random playables that don't have a connection to my story get pulled into it. And,yeah, family sims are really hard to keep happy when they're alone!


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