Weekend Away

January 2026

Tosha Go is 23; Vivian Thomason is 24

Previous Update

"This is what your family calls a cabin?!"

"It's what my aunt calls a cabin," said Vivian, fumbling through her bag for the key.
Well, it kind of made sense, Tosha thought, as she followed her across the street.

If you're a superstar like Vivian's aunt Jami, with the fortune to go with it, then why wouldn't your vacation home look like this?

The trip had been Vivian's idea. Winter had set in, Christmas was over, Angel had gone back to college, and a kind of post-holiday depression had settled over the apartment. The ideal time for a weekend away in the mountains.

The cabin, if you could call it that, was amazing, with views of the lake...

... and other unexpected luxuries...

... but the thing that seemed to fascinate Tosha the most that evening, was the fireplace.

"A fireplace in a cabin in the mountains! How perfect is that?" she said, setting the kindling in the grate.
They got the fire started without too much difficulty, and Tosha piled on some extra wood.
"Are you sure that's not too much?" Vivian asked.
Tosha shook her head. "It's fire. More fire, more cosy"

'Cosy' wasn't the word Vivian would use to describe the actual result...

Fortunately, while she may not be any good at setting a fire, Tosha did know how to use a fire extinguisher.

"We've wrecked the rug," she groaned, inspecting the damage.
"Don't worry about it," said Vivian.
"How can I not worry about it?" Tosha said. "I've wrecked a famous person's rug!"
"If its really bothering you we can buy another one in town tomorrow."
"But it's one of a pair," Tosha said, gesturing across the room to the other one.
"... and there's another one in the spare bedroom to match them. We'll bring that down here, and buy a replacement for the bedroom. Subject closed," she added, giving Tosha no chance to disagree with her solution.

The next morning, Vivian woke up hungry.

"If you can wait five minutes, I'm making us breakfast," Tosha said.
"Are you sure you can do that without starting another fire?" Vivian asked.
"My cooking's improved," she said. "You know that."
"Maybe..." Vivian replied.

Or, maybe not...

As soon as the snow eased off, they went into town. It wasn't too hard to find a rug the right size and colour, and arrange to have it delivered to the cabin. That left time for some more shopping...

In the evening, they visited a little tavern...

... and stayed on for a game of pool...

The following morning, Tosha had another attempt at pancakes... with more success this time.

The view from the cabin was spectacular, even on a grey cloudy day.

The snow had fallen heavily overnight...

On the advice of a local tour guide, they decided to climb up to the crater lake of a small extinct volcano in the park.

The track wasn't too bad, with steps cut into the steepest parts...

... and a lookout halfway up...

... but the best views were from the very top.

They hung around the lake for a while before heading back down.

For the last evening of the vacation, they had dinner at a pretty restaurant on the lake-shore.

It would have been nice if they could have seen a little of the lake from their table...

... but failing that, they could just look at each other...

After dinner, they had a few drinks...

... enough to inspire Tosha to explore her curiosity about the local dances.


When she was tired of dancing, they found a seat outside, with a view of the lake.

They sat in silence for a while, before Tosha finally spoke. "What are you thinking?" she asked.

"You sure you want to know?" Vivian replied.
"Of course."
"Ok," said Vivian, but she still paused for a long moment before continuing. "I was thinking that I want us to start a family."

"Wow, that came out of nowhere."
"Well, you asked. And it's not like we've never talked about it before... and we've finished college now, we've both got jobs, we've got the big apartment, we - "

"We've only just finished college. We've got time - plenty of time. We don't need to rush into anything right now."
"I know," said Vivian. "I know, but sometimes - "
"It's better to wait, just enjoy some time as a couple while we can. Please trust me on this one."
"I do," said Vivian, with a sigh. "Of course I trust you."

Tosha hugged her tightly, hoping that her trust wasn't misplaced. How could she even think about starting a family, when even the idea of staying loyal to one person seemed impossibly overwhelming at times.

"Come on," she said. "Lets go back. It's getting far to cold out here."


Very important shout-out:
**Apple Valley, you are awesome!!**
Following your suggestion, the new Blogger interface works so much better when I use it in Google Chrome. Not perfect (I'm still having some formatting issues as you'll see), but its at least usable. Thank you for the suggestion!

The only reasonable way to follow up a dramatic cliffhanger-packed post... is with a fluffy gameplay post about completely unrelated characters :)  Don't worry, the drama's coming, but fluffy gameplay posts will keep things moving here while I work on the more intensive stuff.

The little bit of drama at the end came from the slightly bizarre wants these two are rolling - Knowledge/Family Vivian wants to adopt, but Family/Knowledge Tosha has never rolled a baby want of any kind - however she does want to WooHoo with three different sims! I suppose you could fit that under Knowledge wants, but... Hmmmm.

The cabin really does belong to Jami - with mods that can allow you to add and remove family members with ease, its simple to temporarily transfer a deed and loan out a holiday home.

The other main purpose of vacation posts is so that I can look at pictures of my subhood and go 'ohh, pretty'. :)


  1. Ooo, pretty. I agree :) the views are amazing and you did an amazing job with the cabin and surrounding lots. You're welcome about the suggestion, I remember being frustrated with it for a while before I discovered that. I don't see any formatting issues, so maybe it's something you only notice if you know what to look for. Can't wait for more updates and welcome back.

    1. Thanks... I'm glad Vivian rolled the Mountain Vacation want, most of my sim vacations seem to be to Twikki Island and I wanted the chance to explore my made-over 3 Lakes a bit more.

      Maybe I'm just being a perfectionist with the formatting... or maybe its just something that looks different on my computer. Anyway, glad it looks ok :)

  2. I loved this! It's been an eternity since I last sent a Sim on a vacation in the mountain, and now I can't wait to explore that region again.

    1. Same in my game. It was fun to use the mountain location for a change.

  3. My Eliot was like Tosha. What kind of Family/Fortune sim is married for FIVE whole years before they roll a baby want? LOL. I guess some of them want to make sure they're in a good position for kids before diving in. I can't fault them for that.

    This was a lovely vacation, barring the disastrous beginning. You're making me even more desperate to make over my Three Lakes. I love the cabin and that restaurant looked awesome too.

    1. Yeah, I can understand them wanting the timing to be right for a baby, that makes sense. But Tosha's other want?! Still getting my head around that one :)

      They did have a good time, despite almost burning the cabin down a couple of times. Beautiful lot, NO smoke alarms!! By now I should remember to check these things before I use lots I download... *sigh* . Good thing Tosha's handy with the fire extinguisher.

  4. I loved those shots of the environment! So nice, I could imagine being there with them :)
    I like that cabin a lot! Did you build it yourself?
    Seeing your lots, makes me realise I still have a lot of work making over the lots in my Ardens :)

    Maybe Tosha is right, they are still young, and have plenty of time before adding to their family.

    1. I didn't build the cabin - I like decorating but I'm useless with building anything more challenging than a square box. Making over is a lot of fun, though.

      They do have plenty of time - maybe my family sims are just getting wiser :)

  5. Oh, that was lovely! <3

    This makes me miss Three Lakes so much! We don't have a mountains vacation hood in TS3, and it was always one of my favorites.

    1. Pity they didn't include it in TS3, I hate it when they 'upgrade' something by taking something good away.


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