Looking for a Happy Ending Part 1

January 2026

Cory Green is 49; Rose Green is 36; Sharla Ruben is 48

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Not everything has a happy ending, but that's life. Just pick up the pieces and move on to the next chapter.


A baby.

He'd known, even before she'd told him. But only because the bag had split open on the way to the trash can, and he'd found the pregnancy test while he was cleaning up. He'd considered confronting her with it, but decided instead to wait until she told him in her own time. Or maybe she wouldn't tell him, just quietly take care of things without him ever knowing. Given the circumstances, it wouldn't be an unreasonable thing to do.

Fortunately, she hadn't. She'd come to him, just a few days later. He'd realised, during the awkward conversation that followed, what a blessing it was that he had found out before she told him. It meant that he could put his own chaotic feelings aside, try to say what she needed to hear. He could be strong for her, even if it didn't feel that way at all.

It wasn't meant to happen like this. A baby should be cause for celebration. He was trying his best to force the word 'accident' out of his vocabulary when talking about it, because no child should be tagged with that.

Yeah, "child". He could call it that, because that was what it would become. Once they'd talked, there was no question of her not going through with it, despite the circumstances, the unexpectedness, the apalling timing, and everything else that screamed that this was the worst possible decision to make.

He'd be happy about this one day, he told himself. One day, when there was a child, and not just another complication that none of them needed right now.


It was late afternoon when Sharla walked into the shop. It was the last thing Cory had expected and, today of all days, the last thing he needed.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Kyle step out from behind the counter, staying far enough away to give them their privacy, but close enough to intervene if things got out of hand. He sent the man a silent thanks as he crossed the floor to meet his former wife.

"Look, I don't think this is the place to - "
"I'm not going to make a scene, I just need to talk."
"If its about - "

"It's about Melissa. When did you last see her?"
"Not since... not since that morning I bought her home."
"Yes, really. She hasn't even visited Sam since then. Remember, you said you wanted them to stay away from each other."

"I know, but - but, are you sure you haven't seen her recently?"
"No, I haven't. Sharla, what is this about?"
"I... I think Melissa's run away."
"What... when?"
"At Christmas."

"At Christmas?! Sharla, that was three weeks ago! You're only just looking for her now?"
"You don't understand, its not the first time she's done this."
"She's run away before?"
"She's stayed away overnight before, sometimes for days. We had an arguement, she was telling lies - "
"Lies about what?"

"Filthy, dirty lies, you don't want to know... she's always played stupid games like that, seeing how far she can push things. I thought that was what she was doing, not coming home..."
"Ok, but three weeks?!"
"Cory, keep it down! You were worried about me making a scene?!"

She was right, he realised. People were looking at them, including Kyle, who'd taken several steps closer. Cory took breath, tried to calm himself down.
"Sharla, you need to go to the police. If she's been missing for three weeks, anything could have happened."

"Don't you think I know that? Cory, whatever you think about me, I'm not completely heartless. For all the trouble that she's caused, I would at least like to know she's safe."
"Ok, I'm guessing you've tried all her friends, right?" He figured she must be running out of options if she was here.
Sharla nodded. 
"Then you need to go to the police," he said. "There is no way we can find her ourselves after this long. You have to report her missing."
"Alright," Sharla said. "Alright, I'll do that." 

She started to leave. 
"Sharla, wait," Cory called. She turned back. "If you hear anything, can you... can you let me know?"

She nodded and quickly walked out of the shop.


She'd taken the day off work, told them she was sick, although the truth of it was, Rose just couldn't face it today.

She should have known. She should have realised weeks ago. All the signs had been there, and it wasn't that she was unaware of them, either. Right back when she'd gone out with her parents to Bluewater village, to see what would become her father's second bookstore...

"So, this is it," Kyle said.

There was a pause before Rose answered. "It's smaller than the Richmond shop," she said, gazing around the room.

"True," said Kyle, "but we were lucky to get even this. You very rarely get vacant shops in this part of Bluewater Village any more."

"I guess," Rose said. "I don't come down here all that often.  So, who's going to be running it?"
 "Me, initially," Kyle said.  "I'm going to bring Gavin down with me, try to train him up to manage the place, if he agrees to it.  He's got the potential to do it, he's just not there yet."

"So, you won't be at the Richmond shop at all?" Rose asked.
Kyle nodded. "Cory can hold the fort. He's already proven he's more than capable."
"Have you asked him yet?"
"Well... no."
"So you just assumed you could load it all on him again and - "
"Rose, its not like - "
"You never trusted him before. But you can use him now that it suits you."

"Rose!" Willow cut in, but Kyle gestured her to stop.
"You're right, I am "using" him," he said. "But that's what you do with your staff - you use them to your best advantage, and to theirs. It's the same anywhere, I'm willing to bet it's the same for you at the school, because I know it was when I was teaching there."
"I... guess.. " Rose said.

"Rose, what's wrong?  I mean, what's really wrong? Do you think he's not up to it now?"
"It's not that," she sighed. "I think probably, he'd enjoy the challenge.  I just... I don't know what's wrong with me lately."
"Let's go get a coffee and talk about this," Willow said. "There's a cafe down the street." She glanced at Kyle.
"I've got a couple of things to finish here," he said. "I'll catch up with you shortly."

"So, what's going on?" Willow asked.
Rose shrugged. "Just... nothing feels right any more.  I'm tired, I'm snappy... I can't explain but it's like I don't even feel comfortable with myself any more."

"Was that why you got your hair cut?" Willow asked.
"I don't know, maybe... "
"Well, it suits you, whatever the reason.  What does Cory think of it?"
"Why, do I need my husband's approval to cut my hair?"
"That's not what I meant," Willow said calmly.

"I know... " Rose sighed again. "See what I mean?  I just snap at everything."
"You're just tired," Willow said. "You've been under a lot of pressure lately. You'll be ok, just give it a bit of time."...

If only that was all it had been. 

She should have realised, she'd been moody like that during both her other pregnancies. Then again, denial was a powerful thing, and maybe it was that she just didn't want to know. Not now, when her relationship with Cory was so fragile, when he was so fragile, with everything they'd been through in the past year, who could blame her for not wanting to face the possibility of bringing a baby into this mess?

Obviously she couldn't ignore it forever. She was almost three months on now, it wouldn't be long before everyone could tell. Cory had taken it better than she'd expected. He'd accepted the news with more calm resignation than with confidence, but he'd accepted it none the less. They'd visit both their parents tonight, share the news and try to pretend that they were pleased, that they'd planned this.  Act like this was the happy ending to last year's troubles, that everyone had wanted.

Rose didn't believe in happy endings any more.


So, Green family pregnancy #2 is Rose - the result of all that activity when Cory came home. Now, there's just the teen to find out, but that's still a couple of updates away...

The second shop is an attempt to fulfill the new Lifetime Want Kyle rolled, after all his drama a couple of sim-years ago - to own two top-level businesses. Kind of made me go awwww when he rolled that, given the story I'd written for him. I took the photos ages ago, and Rose's pregnancy was supposed to be revealed before Christmas. When I moved things around, I realized that the pictures weren't wintery enough for Richmond's currently snowy state, hence the flashback.


  1. I'm really surprised about Rose...but then, it seems like she is too! I just checked her age and I think I was extra surprised because I've been thinking she was closer to Cory's age (when an accidental pregnancy would probably be something close to a miracle).

    I'm glad Sharla is finally calling the police about Melissa. I'm both stunned and not really stunned that she hasn't called before now. :(

    1. Rose is quite a bit younger than Cory - that was one of the reasons Kyle and others objected to them marrying, along with their being cousins (via an adoption, so I let it go - they'd also never met until adulthood). But, yeah, a surprise pregnancy if she were his age would be pushing things a bit.

      Its unfortunately in character for Sharla to leave it this long to involve the police. Aside from thinking Melissa will turn up, she's big on appearances, and its not a good look to have to admit you don't know where your child is.

  2. Rose is pregnant, I thought it was Sam, lol. I highly dislike Melissa, but that just means you did an awesome job with her character.

    1. Now, why would you think that is was Sam? *evil grin*

      Yeah, I like to mess with expectations :)

  3. Oooh, I hadn't guessed Rose! If the teen is who I suspected it was, then I'd say Cory's household is in for quite a shake-up, lol!

    Oh man, three weeks for Melissa! Way to drop the ball, Sharla! Yikes!

    1. Hmmmm... audience vote seems to be for Sam. Not saying anything on that yet, though :)

      Yeah, Sharla! The sad thing is, the time she left it isn't actually the worst thing she's done here (Yes, I dropped a hint, don't think anyone got it, but stay posted...).


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