In Agreement

Aaron Green is 47; Jamie Centowski, Meadow Thayer and Angel Go are 18; 

May 2025 - RCT Semester 1.1
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Aaron leaned forward and pointed to the assignment.  "So you're saying that this is the best you could do?"

Jamie squirmed in his chair.  "Well, actually... ". He finished with a shrug.
Aaron shook his head.  "I've looked at your past grades.  We both know that you're capable of much better work than this.  What happened?"

"Um... I was kinda distracted..."
"Distracted?" Aaron repeated, briefly wondering if the distraction had anything to do with the two blonde girls he always sat with in class.
"Yeah... I... um... yeah..."
"I'm glad to see that you're as good at expressing yourself verbally as you are in the assignment."
Jamie blushed.  "Ok... I'm sorry, ok.  It wasn't my best effort.  Is there any way I can do it again or something?"

"Not unless there were special circumstances behind your failure - some major family difficulty, berevement, something like that."

"Um... my father's dog died last winter.  Does that count?"
"No," said Aaron, with a sigh.   "I don't think that counts."


 "So, what happened?" Meadow asked.

Jamie shrugged.  "I screwed up the assignment.  My GPA will suffer if the next one isn't brilliant."
"Well, then you're just going to have to be brilliant."
"Yeah... but there goes any chance of a life for the next few weeks."
"Well, then we need to make the most of it tonight."
"What are you doing tonight?" Angel asked.

"Just going to a couple of clubs... but, it's kind of a date... you know, just us..."
"That's fine," said Angel.  "I have plans anyway."

Meadow wondered briefly what kind of plans Angel could have.  It couldn't involve her sister, as Tosha and Vivian were out of town for the weekend.  "So, what are you - " she started, but Angel started to get up.

"I've got to get going.  I'll be late for my history class."
Meadow looked at her watch.  "You've got plenty of time..."
"It's on the other side of campus, and I like to be a bit early... " She was already on her way out the door.
Meadow turned to Jamie.  "Do you get the feeling that she's hiding something?"
Jamie shrugged.  "If she is, its her business.  And maybe she's actually got a point about getting to class on time."
"That interview's really rattled you, hasn't it?"

"If my dad finds out how bad my grade was on that assignment... it was bad enough when I only got a C last semester, you know that.  Imagine if I didn't pass at all?"

"You'll pass," said Meadow.  "You'll be fine.  So instead of worrying about it, lets just think about what we're going to do tonight..."



Aaron gathered up his things and locked the office door behind him.  No one else worked this late on a Friday evening, but he preferred to grade assignments here, than at home with a house full of noisy children and arguing teenagers.  And it was worth being late home one evening, to have the weekend completely free of work.

He thought he heard a sound as he locked the office door.
No - it couldn't be.
Or... yes, he did hear it.  Shit!

Dropping his bag, Aaron ran down the darkened hallway.  He shoved open the office door without bothering to knock.  "What the hell is going on?!"

Thomas Rusewitz was on his feet in a second.  So was the girl.  She briefly stared at Aaron then, grabbing her t-shirt off the floor, she bolted from the room.
"What is going on?" Aaron repeated.

"She... I... we were... its not what it looks like.  It was consensual, we were in agreement..."
"She was telling you to stop."
"Only because she saw you!"
"She was telling you to stop before I even came in the room.  I could hear her all the way down the hallway."

"That's what you say," Thomas said, his voice rising in anger as he regained his composure.  "Now, get out of my office!"
"I'm reporting this to the university authorities, there are rules about - "
"Get out... now!"

At a loss for anything else to say, Aaron went.  He needed to find the girl, anyway.  Eventually he heard her sobbing in one of the bathrooms.

He knocked lightly on the door.  "I need you to come out.  I need to talk to you."
"I don't want to talk," she sniffed.
"I think we have to," Aaron said.  "and I want to see that you're ok.  Please come out."

She came out, slowly, her arms crossed tightly across her front.

She looked familiar, and Aaron figured she must be in one of his classes.  Her t-shirt didn't cover much more than her underwear had, and it was understandable that she would be a lot less comfortable with that now, than she had been when she first dressed that way.

"I think I've got a sweater in my office.  You can - " then he stopped, suddenly acutely aware of the dangers of inviting her, or any student, to his office when he was alone.  "Wait downstairs in reception," he said. "I'll get it."

"I didn't get your name."

"Angel," she said.
"Ok, Angel," he said.  'Can you tell me what happened up there?"
"I thought it was obvious... "
"You were telling him to stop, weren't you?"
She nodded.
"He said that it was consensual - that you wanted it too..."

"I did... at first... at least, I thought I did... but then I didn't, but he wouldn't stop... " she started to cry again.  "I thought - I mean, he was so nice to me... he was tutoring me, you know... he wanted to help me and I thought - "
"Hey, this wasn't your fault."  He stopped, let her compose herself a little, before he want on.  "I'm going to have to contact the university authorities about this.  And if he was forcing himself on you, then the police need to be involved, too."
"No... please..."

"We can't pretend this never happened.  If nothing else, there are rules about staff having relationships with students.  I think you know that."
"I'm in trouble, aren't I?"
"Not half as much trouble as he's in, I hope."
"But -  but it's not like he dragged me into his office.  I wanted to be there with him... at first, anyway... before - "
"Angel, we have to do this."
"I know," she whispered.

"Ok," he said.   "Before I call anyone else, do you have any family we can contact."
"No... I've only got a sister and she's out of town..."
"Well, a friend....?"
"Ok," she said, after a long pause.  "I have a friend you can call."


"I've been thinking about us," Jamie said.
"What about us?"

"About the future... you know... about our relationship will go in the future."
Meadow pulled away.  "Jamie, if this is going where I think it is... "
"But I just - "

"We've talked about this before," she said.  "We're too young to get engaged... and we don't need to, anyway.  Things are fine the way they are."
"But you said you want us to stay together.  Why not make it official?"
"Official for who?  So long as we know that - ". She stopped as her phone started to ring.

Jamie got up at walked a few steps away, giving her privacy for the call.  He couldn't believe the timing.  Why was it that, every time he  tried to -

Only a few seconds passed before Meadow ran up behind him.  "Come on, we have to go!"
"Go... where?"
"Back to the college.  I'll explain on the way."
"But - "
"Come on!"


Much to Aaron's relief, Angel's friend came quickly.  She brought her boyfriend with her, and Aaron recognised him as the boy he'd spoken to earlier.  So that was why the girl was so familiar... But better still, the boy had called his parents.  His father turned out to be one of the city's top lawyers. He was talking to the policewoman when Aaron came back from giving his statement to the other officer.

"Will she need a medical examination?"
"No, there's no need.  He's not denying that they were together, but he's saying it was consensual."

"Consensual, hell!  She's 18 years old.  He's her professor... "
"I'm not giving an opinion, I'm just repeating what he said... "

Aaron stepped away.  They had everything under control here, and the police had his contact details.  He'd deal with the university authorities later.  He was walking to his car when the boy ran up behind him.

"Uh... sir - Mr Green...?"
"What is it?"
"You... um... you were talking to my father... "

"He wanted to hear my version of what happened with your friend."
"But... you didn't say anything about our... our meeting today?"
"Like what?  Should I have offered him condolences on the loss of his dog?"
Jamie blushed again.  "No... I just - "

"Look, this isn't high school.  You're an adult now, no one's going to run to your parents if you get bad grades.  You need to deal with it yourself."
"Yes, sir... but - "
"It's late.  I need to go home and you need to go look after your friend.  Can we just leave it at that?"
"Ok... um... except, sir... there's just one other thing... "


Thanks to ACR, things were getting pretty intense between Angel and the professor, for a while I thought that they really would have some kind of ongoing relationship... but when he eventually tried to woohoo her, she rejected him.  He tried more than once... obviously not good at taking no for an answer... so the story wrote itself from there. I don't imagine Tosha being too impressed with the mess Angel's got herself into, and we'll pick up on that in a little while.

I've never had a family sim so resistant to engagement as Meadow is!  Jamie rolls the want all the time, but Meadow... never!  They had a dream date, that usually does it, especially for family sims.  But not Meadow.

And, maybe Aaron really should have offered James condolences over the dog... not many sims get this obsessive after losing a pet:

... and this was after I got him another puppy! *sigh*  Am halfway tempted to retire him from the law career and send him off to open an animal shelter or something... :)


  1. "Like what? Should I have offered him condolences on the loss of his dog?"

    LOL Loved this! I always enjoy your dialogue. Just adding his Dad's want panel at the end makes it even more funny. My sim Paloma rolled like that after her father died, I bought her a cat, and she continued rolling like that. Filling empty voids much?

    I can not believe all the drama in this one. WoW on the professor. I'm glad she was strong enough to go through with turning it in.

    I really like Aaron, he does his job well. I hope Jamie does better with his classes from here on out. Especially since he's so worried about his Dad finding out. It wouldn't have been appropriate for Aaron to even say anything given the circumstances, and I feel like in college, you really cant?! Privacy and all.

  2. Wow, that's some intense drama and you have to love how some stories just write themselves. I hope Angel can talk to someone without judgment because it really isn't her fault and that there isn't any backlash against her.

  3. Wow, I wasn't expecting that at all with Angel and there was so much drama in this update.

  4. Oh, I actually wondered if something like this would happen with Angel, way back when. We've seen Angel and Thomas together before, haven't we? I remember getting a sleazy vibe from that! I really like how this all sprung from game play as well - very creative way to write it in.

    As for Meadow...well, I wonder if she's a weird Family Sim or if she's just not sure Jamie is the right guy for her. Then again, she's only 18. Lots of my Family Sims don't roll engagement/marriage wants until they've graduated. It actually seems quite rare in my game.

  5. Haha, Meadow acts the same in my game as well. She's really not your average family sim! Wow, Thomas is definitely a sleaze and I hope he does some time for this! Poor Angel, 18 isn't the smartest age is it? She's really going to need some counseling after all this, especially if her sister is hard on her. It has the makings of a break down.

  6. Poor Angel, I didn't have good feeling about Thomas from the beginning, but I never thought he would do something like this! I hope Angel doesn't let this stop her in following her dreams!

    I have to say Jamie is very persistant in his wants, it shows that his love for Meadow isn't just a fling, and that he really means it.
    Maybe Meadow feels like she's a little bit too young to settle down completely, but I have to agree with everyone here, she's a strange famil sim :)

    As maisie, I love you dialogues!

  7. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    Maisie, thanks, I thought it needed a little humour with the heavy stuff... and that's an interesting thought, filling empty voids. Because James lost someone relatively recently, too, and with Kyle kind of taking over the grief over their father, maybe its just hitting him now...

    One of the things I've been thinking with these college kids, is that they're just on the border of growing up (especially someone like Jamie, who's living with his girlfriend, but still in his parents' house)... they've got more freedom, but they're still growing into the responsibility. The teachers have to treat them like adults but they're still like high school kids in a lot of ways.

    Same for Angel, who grew up in a children's home, probably reasonably sheltered... many girls would have a mother still when they go out on their own, but she's completely cut adrift. So they hit these bad consequences.

    HeredonCove, yeah, that thing of finding someone non-judgemental to talk to will be important.

    Apple Valley, I wasn't sure of which way it would go with Angel, either, until I played them.

    Carla, yes, right back the first time Angel appeared in the blog, Thomas was the professor who wouldn't stop looking at her boobs (seriously, I don't think I have a single picture from back then where he was looking her in the face!). So, yeah, he did come off as sleezy, an even if Angel had gone along with him, I probably wouldn't have written it as an honest romantic relationship on his part.

    My favourite part of writing sims stories, is trying to fit the gameplay cues into a story that make some sense :)

    Most of my family sims who are in a relationship seem to roll engagement/marriage wants the minute they age up to the level at which the game allows it... so Meadow does seem to be the exception here.

    Mizzgin03, interesting that Meadow is the same in your game!

    It's going to be hard with Angel's sister because she can be very judgemental and hard on her... I think she means well, but she's kind of trying to take the place of a mother without the maturity or experience to do it well.

    Tanja, this will definitely knock Angel's self-confidence (which wasn't great to start with anyway), but I hope she'll find a way to keep following her dreams.

    Jamie is cute with his constant engagement wants, but I feel bad that Meadow doesn't feel the same!

  8. So funny to see Meadow in this story line. I have her in my hood as a lesbian mom who is about 50 years of age now. Great story. Can't wait to read more! Also thanks for commenting on my blog.

  9. Bernz, thanks. It is funny seeing these Maxis sims live their different lives. Some of them, like Meadow, become so much a part of my story that I forget that I don't 'own' them in the same way I own my CAS and born-in-game sims... then I get a surprise seeing them as a completely different character somewhere else! :)


Thanks for reading and commenting!