In the Present

Alicia Dreamer is 32; Cameron Dreamer is 34; Lucas Dreamer is 4.
Ashley Pitts is 66

February 2025

With a feeling of satisfaction, Alicia Dreamer took another look around the empty beauty salon.

She'd been dropping in every few days, ever since they started the renovations, to check how her vision was coming together.  It was going to be amazing... so much better than the tiny little place she's been operating for the past few years.

In addition to the actual salon, there was a spa and massage room, tanning beds, everything.

She had her father to thank.  With the second baby on the way, their little apartment over the old shop would be too small.  They'd found another place to live, but there was still the problem of the shop... until the father had turned up with a cheque for an amount that made her jaw drop.

"It's only what I owe you.  I paid as much for your brother and sisters to go to college.  Now that I know you're making a success of the salon, its only fair that I invest in your future, too."

It was all the more amazing in that she knew that, at the time, he'd been disappointed that she didn't go to college.  Not that it had affected his relationship with Alicia - living only a few blocks away, he visited them several times a week... although Alicia often suspected that she wasn't the main reason for his visit.

It was still good, though - the time that he spent with Lucas was time that she and Cameron could have alone together.

They had a feeling that they wouldn't have much opportunity when the baby came.


That afternoon, when Lucas was sleeping, Cameron fired up his train set.

Alicia had secretly thought the trains were silly when Cameron started the hobby, but lately she'd been enjoying them more and more, too.

She suddenly started laughing.

"What?!" Cameron asked.
"I was just wondering... when did this happen?"
"When did what happen?"
"When did we change?  I mean, we used to go to parties, nightclubs... now our idea of fun is watching tiny trains go round and round in our living room..."
"The trains are good!" he protested.
"Yeah, I agree," she laughed.  "That's part of what worries me!"


The next morning, Cameron got Lucas up...

... fed and changed him...

... before he left for work.

It meant that Alicia could sleep in late, then have a relaxing breakfast...

... before spending the rest of the morning with her son.

As much as she enjoyed her work at the salon, she was loving this time.  Some days, she stayed in her pajamas until afternoon, just playing with Lucas.

She knew it wouldn't last - she'd have to go back to work eventually.  All of the money from her father had gone on the renovations, and with the salon closed, money was tight on only Cameron's income.  If the new salon was a success, she might be able to leave a manager in charge a couple of days a week, though.

This looked even more likely, now that Cameron was earning more.  He'd recently been promoted from patrol officer to desk sergeant.  It wasn't just the money that pleased Alicia.  The hours were better, and she liked the fact that he was safe behind a desk, at least for now.

He'd been paid a bonus with the promotion, although most of it went on furniture for the baby's room.

They'd spent a little too much, they realised, when their rent fell due.

They'd managed to pay it in the end.  They always did... and, Alicia figured,  they always would.  There was no point in worrying about the future...

... not when there was so much to enjoy in the present.


Not a lot happening here, but kind of good to know that not everyone in my hood is experiencing major dramas, and I like these simple, gameplay-based updates, too.  I imagine they will make up a big part of my blog, now that I'm playing my houses in rotation again, with updates on the 'big' storylines (like the ones I'm doing/have done with Kyle, Cory, etc) woven between.  They're a lot quicker and easier to produce so it also means that time will move at a more reasonable pace in the blog... and the big storylines will progress a lot faster than they would if I were trying to give one to everyone! :)

Alicia is Ashley's youngest daughter from his first marriage, AJ's twin.  Cameron is another Pleasantview descendant, son of Darren Dreamer and Cassandra Goth, both now moved away/non-playable (Like many of my non-playables, I didn't recreate them in the new hood.).

And, I think Lucas is my cutest toddler!

... I just can't get enough pictures of him :)


  1. I love drama free couples as well and I agree, Lucas is a cutie.

  2. that was very cute ans sweet! perfect for a valentine's day story. Thanks for sharing and Lucas is a cutie!

  3. Lucas really is a cute toddler! I'm sure their next one will be just as cute :)

    I liked them both at the trainset, playing like little kids and having fun, it's good to see grown ups who are able to do that :)

  4. Apple, it is nice to write about happy people for a change :)

    Mrs Stuffy, the timing was coincidental but, yeah, it works well for Valentines Day!

    Tanja, I'm hoping the new baby is just as cute, too... these guys are addicted to that trainset! Whenever I leave them to do what they want, they play with it.


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