Starting an Education

April 2024

Remus Bonaccord is 32; Kyla Bonaccord is 32; Roman Bonaccord is 29; Dee Ottomas is 31

Note: Chronologically this takes place before the previous entry, but I found the story flowed better overall, if I let Samantha and Cory jump queue :) 

"Remus, no... its not like its my birthday or anything..."  Kyla  looked up at her husband, then down at he earrings in the small box he'd given her.  She felt the tears welling up in her eyes.
"I wanted to," he said, "birthday or not, this is still a special occasion, remember... but... don't you cry!  You know I can't handle it when you cry." 
"Sorry," she sniffed.  "I'm just not used to this... ".
"It's been five years," he said, smiling. "When are you planning to get used to it?"
Kyla didn't think she'd ever get used to it - expensive gifts, meals at the top city restaurants, it was a lifestyle that Remus had enjoyed for some time before they met.  Kyla came from a much more simple background, and even after five years of marriage, it still overwhelmed her at times.

"This must have cost you your whole promotion bonus."
"The money's not important," he said. "What matters is that I'm one step closet to the top..."
"You're really serious about becoming City Planner, aren't you?"
"Yes," he replied. "I mean, not right now, obviously - your aunt does a great job.  But she's going to want to retire at some point and when she does, I want to be ready."
She put on the earrings and turned to the mirror to study her reflection.  Remus had bought her the dress, too.  She didn't look like herself, dressed up like this.  But she liked what she saw, all the same.  Maybe I could get used to it...

"You guys need to get going if you want to make your resevervation".  Remus looked up and saw his brother Roman in the doorway, jiggling Krysti on his hip.

"Are you sure you're ok with the kids?" Remus asked.
"Of course I'm ok.  That's why I stayed here, isn't it?  So that you guys have someone else to look after your kids?"
"If you say so," Remus replied.  In all honesty, he wasn't really sure why Roman had stayed.  There'd been good reasons for him to move in with his brother several years ago, but those reasons were long gone.  And somehow, Roman just kept coming up with new reasons to stay.

Remus suspected it had something to do with the fact that his brother would never be able to afford a modern apartment, with all the latest electronic gadgets, maid service, and someone to cook for him, on the money he earned as a party DJ .  It also had something to do with the fact that Roman and Kyla had developed an inexplicable mutual admiration that meant that, every time Remus tried to throw his brother out, Kyla intervened.  He could rarely say no to his wife, so Roman stayed.

The couple were ushered downstairs and out the front door.   "Don't worry about a thing, I've got it all under control", Roman called as they got in the car.  "We've got big plans for tonight... haven't we, princess?" he asked, tickling Krysti, who giggled in delight.  Remus decided not to ask Roman what he thought constituted big plans to a four year old.  Sometimes it was better not to know.


Roman flicked thoughtfully through the deck of cards.  Maybe it had been a bit ambitious to try to teach a couple of four year olds how to play poker, but they seemed to enjoy it... and  anyway, wasn't it Remus who had said it was never too early to start a child's education?  Couldn't argue with that.

So, what now?  He flicked lazily though a few channels on the tv.  Nah, there had to be a better way to pass a Friday evening than channel surfing with Kyla's dog.

The three kids were asleep, no reason why he couldn't have a little adult company.  There was one particular adult he could think of, who he had been looking forward to getting to know a little better.

He'd known Dee for a few months, since she started working as a bartender at his favorite nightclub in Redwood City.  He knew she was looking for an apartment out of the city, so when one became vacant in his building, he'd suggested it.  In honesty, he hadn't expected her to be able to afford it, but it turned out that one of the reasons that she wanted to move, was a recent lottery win.  Not a huge prize, but enough for the down-payment and a few months' rent on a very nice apartment with a couple of spare bedrooms, one for her daughter when she came to stay, and one for the room mate Dee would find to help with the rent, before the lottery money ran out.  And she'd found the apartment thanks to Roman.

A little gratitude could go a long way, he figured, with a girl like Dee.  So, why not?  He picked up the phone...

From there, the evening unfolded much the way Roman had planned it.  He found himself wondering if things were going anywhere near as well for his brother.  After all, it was really all the same, wasn't it?  Married or not... fancy restaurant or stay at home... put a man and a woman together in any situation, and it's always the same...

A little talk...


Get to know each other a little better....

A bit of flirting...

The outcome was always the same...


It was late and the apartment was silent when Remus and Kyla finally arrived home. 

"You go get ready for bed," he said.  "I'll check on the children".  She nodded gratefully then headed upstairs.  He wasn't just being generous, it was effective time management - it always took her twice as long as him to get ready for anything.

When he'd satisfied himself that his children were still in one piece, he went back to the bedroom, took off his suit and carefully laid it over the back of a chair.  He could hear the shower running in the family bathroom,  and he wondered why Kyla hadn't used their small bathroom off the bedroom.  One way to find out.  The water stopped running just as he walked in.  Smiling in anticipation, he reached out and pulled back the shower curtain.


Finished in the bathroom, Kyla stretched out on the bed in her robe and waited for Remus.  Suddenly she thought she heard a scream, but before she had the chance to investigate, Remus burst into the bedroom, red-faced and ranting.  Kyla couldn't even get a word in to ask what had happened.

"That is it!  Really, he's going!  He's gone too far this time! And, incidentally,  I'm never going to be able to face our new neighbor now!"
"What - ?! " she started, but he cut her off.
"I'm sorry, Kyla, I don't care how much you like him.  This time he's going!"
By 'he', Kyla assumed Remus meant Roman.
"But - " she tried again, unsuccessfully.

"I want my home back...  I want my privacy back...  I want to know all the naked women I meet in my own bathroom!"
Definitely Roman.
"Come here... calm down and tell me what happened."  She gestured to the other side of the bed.

"I mean it, Kyla.  I've had enough, I can't keep track of all the women who turn up here.  The children are getting older now, too.  What kind of lifestyle is that to expose children to?  The woman in the bathroom had said she'd only moved in next door a few days ago, for crying out loud.  Then there was that girl from the fast food place sneaking out a few weeks ago... hell, you remember, the night the twins were born the maid even came out of Roman's bedroom to help!!"

"Let me talk to him," she said, getting up and starting towards the door.  She liked Roman, for all his faults, probably because she'd actually been a lot like him at one stage... not that Remus would ever believe that, but...
"Oh, no.  No.  Not this time.  It's always the same... you defend him, and he ends up staying.  If you think I'm going to change my mind again just because - ".  He was cut off by the phone ringing.  He answered, then gestured to Kyla to stay.

She watched his expression change to shock as he listened to the caller.  Then, without a word, he handed her the phone.

Roman lounged back on his bed and listened to the front door click shut as Dee made her hasty exit.  He laughed to himself... what he wouldn't have given to have seen Remus' face!  Why did he have to miss the fun parts?

There's be hell to pay tomorrow, of course... he suspected his uptight brother had never even seen a naked woman before Kyla.  Well, its never too late to start an education, either.  Remus could rant and rave all he wanted tomorrow, and he would, but tonight it was just too funny.

He heard the phone ringing.  Who would call at this hour, anyway?  Dee?  Maybe she left something behind - he wouldn't be surprised, given the speed she'd left at.  He listened and waited for Remus or Kyla to call him.  It didn't happen, but instead he heard... crying?  Kyla was crying?  He sprung off the bed and ran into the next room.

Roman looked at Kyla, then at Remus, and wondered how he a person who was so full of his own smart-ness, could always manage to act like such an idiot when it really mattered.  Remus threw him a desperate look.  Do something!!

"What happened?" he asked, crossing the room to Kyla
"Kyla's father attempted suicide tonight."  Remus said.
"They said he'll live," Kyla hiccuped between sobs.  "We don't know much more than that".
Roman put his arm around her shoulder.  "Well, that's the most important thing, isn't it?  And you know, so long as he's going to be OK, this could actually be a good thing."

"Roman!" Remus, looking all self-righteous and appalled.  Roman ignored him.
"I mean, think about it,"  he continued to Kyla.  "You've been worried about him for a while, right?"  She nodded.  "Granted, its not the best way to go about it, but at least now he'll get the help he needs."
"You think so?" she asked.
"Of course.  You don't think they're just going to ignore a guy who does something that extreme, do you?  He'll have doctors all over him now." He squeezed her shoulders.  "You wait and see.  It's not great right now, but it'll be ok, you'll see."

 She managed a little smile.  "Thanks..." she sniffed, then started to cry again.
"Anytime," he whispered, rocking her a little.

Remus watched his brother comforting his wife and wondered how on earth he did it.  'Sensitive' wasn't a word that came to mind often when he thought about Roman... He suddenly realized that, just a little, he envied his brother.
Roman was gesturing something to him over Kyla's shoulder.  He didn't get it. What?, he mouthed back.  Roman gestured more urgently and mouthed something back.
"Huh... oh, of course!" Remus put his own arm around Kyla's other shoulder and pulled her close as Roman let her go.  Remus looked up at him. Thank you.

Roman nodded.  Remus decided that probably, he wouldn't throw him out after all.  At least, not just yet.


Roman is one of the few romance sims that I play as, I guess, a typical romance sim.  I have other romance sims in who are happily in committed relationships or married... they roll enough romantic wants for one partner, or romantic wants for no one in particular that can be fulfilled with the partner, that I am able to keep the their aspiration level up without multiple relationships.  They're probably like people who place a higher priority on the physical side of a relationship, or who have a greater tolerance for low-level flirting on the side or whatever, but are still loyal to their one partner.

Roman, however, rarely rolls wants for no one in particular, they almost always relate to a specific woman, and the particular woman varies day to day or even hour to hour :)  Clearly he is not cut out for monogamy!  But he also has really high nice points, and he loves kids - he'll walk in a room and completely ignore the adults to play with the toddlers.  Maybe its the pleasure secondary - pleasure sims are so childlike in their wants, I guess he fits right in :)  
The nightclub where Dee works is one of my owned businesses.  Her lottery win was a ROS, it got her into the apartment but she really will need a room mate with an income to keep up the rent.  Her daughter Dayle (who lives with her father) is related to Kyla and the other Centowskis... but then so is half the neighborhood, I think... lol... Orlando fulfilled the "20 grandchildren" want.   

To make things simpler, I've decided to only mention the family ties in the story if they are close, or if they are relevant to what's going on.  In any family, people lose track of all the cousins and relatives by marriage and whatever, over the generations, so that will happen here, too.

Couldn't fit this picture into the story... Roman with Dayle... he really is dedicated to educating the children of the hood :)


  1. Wow, Roman is a complex sim romance yet caring and tender. At first I was concerned about the apparent closeness bewteen Roman and Kyla, but now that I see it's platonic and based on mutual past activites, then I'm ok with it. I hope to see the rest of the children as well, I didn't even know that they had children until Roman was holding the toddler since they were not listed in the age line up

  2. Aw, I like Roman! He's obviously having a heap of fun living his lifestyle but he's not so caught up in it that he can't be a little sensitive and caring when he needs to be. He even helped his brother out, telling him to comfort his own wife!

    I do the same thing with relations in my hood. I have a bunch of second cousin marriages even - it's just often not all that relevant.

  3. Apple, oopps, I forgot about the kids! They've got 4 year old twins, a girl and a boy, and a 3 year old boy. I'll try to include them more in their next update... or at least acknowledge that they exist! :)

    Kyla and Roman have negative attraction in-game, which is probably a good thing under the circumstances... I like him but I sure as heck don't trust him! :) It's funny because they're best friends but if he checks her out, he does the whole shuddering thing... I've decided its more a 'no way, she's married to my brother' thing than 'woah she's ugly' :)

    Carla, the brothers are a good example of the way I interpret the grouchy/nice personality points... I don't see sims with low nice points as bad people so much as that its kind of an indication of 'emotional intelligence' - for example a grouchy sim will enjoy pulling pranks on people even if it upsets the recipient, not because they're malicious but because they just don't understand that some people find the pranks upsetting or offensive.

    So Roman has high nice points, and Remus has really low nice points, but I see him as also being a 'nice' person in the sense that he's well-intentioned... he just lacks the intuition or sensitivity or whatever to deal with emotional situations well.

    I already have two pairs of cousins who are married (Cory and Rose is one of them), but in both cases they're related via an adoption, and in-story I assume they know about the relationships. With the generation now becoming adults, I'll probably just ignore the relationships if its reasonable to assume they didn't know each other growing up or whatever.

  4. I think I'm a little bit the same as you when it comes to romance-sims, I hardly play them as typical romance-sim because they roll up enough romance-wants for no one in particular.

    If I were Remus I would be a little bit suspicious about my wife and my brother, especially when they get along as well as Kyla and Roman!

    It's nice that Roman loves children so much, especially seeing he's a romance-sim. Maybe he sould start thinkning of children of his own... On the other hand he still is a romance-sim :)

  5. Tanja, Roman would be a good father in some ways, but I think he would prefer to hang out with his brother's kids rather than have his own - that way he gets all of the fun and very little of the responsibility :)

  6. LOL, what a homecoming! :) Roman is a very interesting character! And Remus too! I love the way you interpret the grouchy/nice points. In real life, people are rarely so simple as just mean or nice.

    Poor Kyla, and their whole family.

  7. Thanks, Laura.. I think I'd take a lot more than just the grouchy/nice points into account if I were going to write a malicious or genuinely mean character.


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