About Richmond

Around 75 sim-years ago, the Green family moved to Richmond.  At the time, the family consisted of Chris Green, his wife Helen, and their two children.  Chris's father James also lived with them.

Soon after, the couple had another biological son, and adopted a son and daughter.  In the years that followed, these five siblings grew up and established their own families in the growing town. All but two of the five siblings have passed away now, and their eldest children are entering into old age.  They and their families form the majority of my playable sims.

In and Around Richmond

(Work-in-progress but I'm posting it anyway, because the draft view doesn't give me a good enough idea of how it's going to look... I can just as easily edit it from here... I'm also still experimenting with graphics/camera settings so the pictures are likely to change a few times before I'm satisfied :)  )